Following a fresh bunch of glorious (and unofficial) BlackBerry 10 L-Series photos showing up on the web (a video too), we fired up our podcasting machine yesterday to discuss and drool over them together.

We had a big crew for this one, and a lot to talk about. Simon Sage gave us his debrief on BlackBerry Jam Asia. Chris Umiastowski talked about shares of RIM breaking above $13. Bla1ze was blazed. Adam was podcasting this one a finger short thanks to an unfortnuate snowblower accident. As usual, I talked too much. We covered a lot of stuff. And we had Rene Ritchie there to keep us all honest and (somewhat) on track.

This is the CrackBerry Podcast. The #1 Freak'n BlackBerry Podcast in the WORLDDDD!!! So listen up. NOW!  

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