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Did I say we'd do a podcast every two weeks in 2012? I guess I meant every two months. That's how long a gap we had between CrackBerry Podcast 90 and 91 (excluding our audio-only, on location podcast at BBJAM of course!). Suffice to say, I felt we were a bit rusty going into this one.

With the long hiatus we had to make this one extra special, so we went for a FULL HOUSE. On this show we have Adam, Bla1ze, Craig, Chris Umi, Kevin (that's me), and filling up the sixth seat, iMore's Rene Ritchie. We had no shortage of BlackBerry topics to cover this show, but with the iPhone 5 now out on the market we figured it made sense to bring Rene on. He did a stellar job of staying calm, cool and collected as I began ranting through my list of things that drive me nuts about the iPhone 5. I also went on a solid Android rant on this one.

Rants aside, we cover a ton of BlackBerry topics too of course. We sound off on BBJAM. We realize we have some unsanswered questions around out how data plans are going to work with BB10 (and how RIM will or will not continue to earn service revenue), we talk BlackBerry 10 devices, PlayBook OS 2.1, and more!

We quit worrying about time while recording this one, so be warned... it clocks in at 90 minutes of CrackBerry goodness. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! 

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