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Listen up! OK, now that I have your attention... it's time to listen in to the CrackBerry Podcast!! It's been a while since we've recorded a show, so we decided to fire things up early this morning for some good 'ole family fun. That was the plan anyways... and then Bla1ze joined the show with sunglasses on and cigarette in mouth, so things went a little downhill from there. Kevin's hair gets in the way a bit too, but we do talk alot about BlackBerry, specifically BlackBerry 10, and to salvage things we decide to run an impromptu podcast contest where you can win a free BlackBerry By Choice t-shirt (your choice of PG or Hardcore)! 

You'll have to listen in for all the details. And between and beyond all that we cover a lot more topics, including the newly-announced 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook, the aftermath of the RIM's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and more! 

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