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Time to kick back and listen to another CrackBerry Podcast! Episode 075 is a GOOD ONE with special guest Matt Miller joining us on the show.  We talk about Matt's new BlackBerry PlayBook Companion book and some of the articles he's been writing of late professing his new found love for BlackBerry (yep, he scrapped his Droid Charge the way awesomer Bold 9930).

We cover a lot of topics on this one, including a lengthy discussion on BBM Music, and we talk about Joseph's second take review of the BlackBerry Torch 9850/99860 as well as Bla1ze's review of the Curve 9360. We get into my rant about BlackBerry ID, our AT&T Petition for the Bold 9900 (seriously, we're going to Picket on September 17th if it's not out yet!) as well as a bunch of other stuff. It's a good one. Be sure to listen in. You can find topic times below.

CrackBerry Podcast 075

BBM Music 8:00
BlackBerry OS7 Smartphones 32:09
Joseph's Take 2 Review 34:57
BlackBerry ID 38:28
9360 Review 43:20
AT&T 54:00
Picket AT&T! 54:00
Mike Kirkup leaves RIM 1:01:30
Where to Find Us 1:10:34
Outtake 1:15:20 

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