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We recorded Episode 065 as a LIVE podcast and as promised are following up with the .mp3 download of the show so you can listen to it at your convenience. All in all it went pretty well! With the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook drawing near, we spent a lot of time talking about RIM's first tablet. I debrief on the NYC Playbook media event I attended, and talk about some of the new little things observed there (notification in top left corner of display, freezing apps when minimized, etc.).

From there we talk more PlayBook, including some round table discussion around the competition (iPad 2 goes on sale today). We eventually move on to app and software discussion, and answer some questions from the live audience. Good times!

That's it. Enjoy the show. We enjoyed doing the recording with a live audience. We'll probably mess around over the next little while with some different times, etc. so stay tuned. 

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