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Finally!! It's been just over six weeks since our last podcast (my bad - I blame CB Redesign as soaking up all my time), which means we cover a lot of good stuff in this show. While my written BlackBerry Bold 9780 review will be hitting the blogs soon (Monday Tuesday, don't miss it!), in the mean time you can listen to our verbal review.

We dive into this discussion just a few minutes in. From there, we cover a bunch of other BlackBerry talk of late, including the Kik craziness, BlackBerry Style and Pearl 3G user impressions, and some of the latest rumors for things to come in 2011. Unfortunately Craig couldn't make this one as we recorded during the day, but we had CrackBerry Idol runner-up Joseph Holder fill in.

We hope you enjoy episode 60. And we PROMISE to be back before the end of 2010 with our super duper Best of 2010 year end show!

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