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Ok podcast fans, get ready for a humdinger of an episode. With all of the Crack Team podcast members now owning a Torch and having spent a good deal of time on it, we go round table style and discuss our loves, likes and dislikes (a couple of hates too) in regards to the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6. There are definitely some good insights and interesting debates mixed into this discussion (a couple of laughable moments too).

Then at 52 minutes into the show we switch gears and weigh-in on all of the BlackBerry tablet rumors of the moment and toss in some additional fuel for the fire. We even make a few friendly bets as to which way we think things will go (my money is on RIM not calling the tablet "BlackPad" - I just can't see them cutting their uber-popular BlackBerry brand in half. It has to be BlackBerry "something". And BlackBerry BlackPad is just way too lame). We speculate on the OS and what it'll be capable of and a whole lot more. Exciting stuff for sure.

Take a listen. We're kinda of hyper on this one... it's a long a show but I promise you'll stay awake. Enjoy!

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