Wow. Seriously. This is insane. Yet another Podcast, right on our bi-weekly schedule? You bet! Maybe there's hope we keep the streak alive afterall. We got on the CrackBerry Radio line at 11am today, just two hours after getting our hands on the new Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones client.

Craig, Adam, Bla1ze and myself of course talked about that and a whole bunch of other good stuff this show. Lots of apps, like Worldmate and Craiglist, lots of fun stuff - like Jeopardy's frack up last week, and some other goodies as well.

Be sure to drop us a comment in the blogs here and if you haven't yet, subscribe to us in iTunes and leave us a nice rating and review (even if you don't use iTunes - you know we'll appreciate it). We should have some special MWC footage coming next week, and we'll be back with a regularly-scheduled CrackBerry Podcast in two weeks! Take a listen and enjoy the show!

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