CrackBerry Podcast: 2009 End of Year Special!

Project 2010 is in full effect! We said we'd be doing our CrackBerry podcast every two weeks come the new year and we're now officially 1/1! We plan to record every second Thursday at ~11am EST. We figure this a good time - most of the week's BIG news is done, and this way you'll be able to listen on a slow Thursday afternoon or have it for the Thursday/Friday commutes. From time to time we may even record weekly, but at the least you'll be hearing some CrackBerry Radio action twice per month.

In this show we recap some of the cool stuff we saw last week in Las Vegas at CES 2010, we touch on the new Curve 8910 and I finally tell the story I tweeted about last week of how a BBM #FAIL nearly ended a 5+ year relationship for me. It's epic. The entire show clocks in at 1h18m, but it's worth the listen! Be sure to drop a comment and tell us how you liked it. One of these days we'll have a great show on our hands :)

Big thanks go to the folks at Blue for hooking me up with a new Yeti microphone. They were at ShowStoppers at CES and it turns out they were listeners of the podcast and thought I needed a better microphone and hooked me up. I pretty much just took it out of the box this morning and hooked it up and it's definitely an improvement. Once we get the settings dialed in I'll give it more of a full review. Until then, enjoy the show and we'll see you in two weeks!

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