BlackBerry Z10

Now that the BlackBerry Z10 has had some time to fly off the shelves in the U.K. and Canada, the forums are absolutely buzzing with opinions about the next-generation device and platform. We're seeing a lot of praise, mostly in the "I got my Z10" forum thread.

"BlackBerry have managed to take all the good bits from other phone manufacturers and dialled in their own unique DNA and have come up with a magical device that constantly surprises and delights. I'm on cloud nine. If you have any doubts please just buy it and try it. You won't be disappointed." - ChrissyM68 

It's definitely worth highlighting that there's as much of the comfortable and familiar in the BlackBerry Z10 as there is of the new stuff. I can definitely relate to the moments of surprise and delight, particularly the smooth progress indicator on boot up and the big News Years-eve style countdown when shutting the Z10 off.  

"It is starting to feel like the old days around the KW area again. Thanks to everyone who supports BlackBerry and in turn helps out my community. There are a ton of hard working people that live here and that are working day and night to help make BlackBerry a success!" - Wilkerson4492 

All Canadians can't help but feel a little proud about the success of the Z10. BlackBerry is very much a national treasure, and the initial indications that Z10 sales have been good is heartening.  

"As a former BlackBerry fan (9000,9900 were my fav) and current Apple fan (iPhone 5, Mac currently)... Im filled with jealousy" - DUNPHY88  

While there are no doubt a ton of loyal BlackBerry users that will be flocking to pick up a Z10, I think there are going to be many other buyers in the situation as this forum-goer. BlackBerry went on for a long time without any significant changes, and in that time they lost a lot of users. I'm sure there are things that those users missed about BlackBerry during their affair with iOS or Android, and Z10 will be their call to come back to the fold. 

"What you get with this keyboard above iOS or Droid - is TRUST." - BrizzardMan 

For the first few days of having the Z10, I tried relying heavily on the swipey prediction engine (mostly for the novelty), but more and more I'm finding I'm drifting into a straight-on flurry of tapping. In that more traditional typing experience, the Z10 really flies fast, and you can most definitely trust it more than most touchscreen keyboards.  

"I remember buying MacOSX 10.0 when it hit the street. It was an entirely new OS and Apple even said back then it was a work in progress and took almost a year before it was stable enough for everyday use. Be patient people. This is all part of being the first buyers of a completely new OS." - lenn5 

This point really can't be reiterated enough. Here at CrackBerry HQ, we had certain expectations, and a 1.0ness about the operating system was most definitely taken into account when reviewing the Z10. There were bound to be a few missing software features or UI inconsistencies, but so far none of the ones that we have found are definitive deal-breakers.  I expect that vast majority of complaints will be addressed before the Z10 hits American shores, 

"Spent the first hour showing the guy at Virgin how it works, it was his first time seeing one out of the box. He kept saying "oh wow, I wish i could do that on my Iphone," and he kept calling over the other sales guy (who owns a S3) and showing him the cool stuff it can do. I think I might have sold one to the salesman." - NewfieCheesehead 

That's just plain funny.

Hit up the forums with your own personal reactions to the BlackBerry Z10. As for those poor souls that can't get one yet, what would you like to know about the Z10 from those that have them?