With the last A to Z we checked out BlackBerry App World, and in the comments to that post it was requested that I also do an A to Z of the CB app store client. So now, by popular demand, it's time to see how the CrackBerry App Store gets the job done. This one is a bit longer (since there was more to pack in) but covers all the aspects of CrackBerry's app store client. There are many compelling reasons as to why you should keep a copy of the CrackBerry App Store on your BlackBerry. Watch the video above to find out why or jump over to crackberry.com/appstore to learn more and download. Don't forget, in addition to the to the on-device client, there is also the mobile-optimized webstore (crackberryappstore.com) and our full-out computer-optimized app store (click on App Store on our main menu). You can learn more about them at second link below.

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