BlackBerry PlayBook Tripod
Here at CrackBerry we love seeing innovative ways you guys are finding to use your devices. The BlackBerry PlayBook is pretty versatile, due to its small size, and people are finding many different scenarios where it makes sense for them to use one in place of other more traditional equipment. CrackBerry reader Heriberto sent us this email recently:
Just thought I would share this proud moment of mine. I serve as the Vice President of Hispanic Recruitment Services, Inc. (still a start up company).

Also a faithful BlackBerry owner and proud user of the BlackBerry 9700 (waiting on AT&T to release the damn 9900). We are currently spearheading our video production and I am ecstatic to announce that we are using the BlackBerry PlayBook as the main source of video recording. (See photos attached.)

Through CrackBerry I decided to move forward with this product and have all the faith in the world that our final product will be great. Thank you for all your hard work and insight!!

The RIMpire is striking back!!!

Awesome! Thanks for sending this in to us Heriberto! Who else out there is using their PlayBook in a creative way? (No, paperweight doesn't count. :P) Let us know in the comments below. A couple more shots are after the break!

BlackBerry PlayBook tripod

BlackBerry PlayBook tripod

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