It is, it isn't. It is, it isn't. 

At this point we really have no clue if we'll see BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook. We heard months ago that it could be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook at some point, but it's been very hush hush ever since. Even at BlackBerry Live we heard not a peep about BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook.

As the rumors continue to fly, even the official BlackBerry Mexico Twitter said that BB10 would be coming to the PlayBook soon, although the Tweet has since been removed.

In continuing efforts to find out more information, forums member Darius G. has been doing some massive recon on his own and sent this along to the ol' CrackBerry tip line.

Hello there Kevin & Co

This morning I pestered BlackBerry to give me information on the PlayBook scenario! After DM and many tweets I decided to call them up... And I got so exciting news!

[Taken from the thread I started on 03-12-2013] -

Okay I would just like to say for the most RECENT update....

These past few weeks have stirred up a lot of confusion and anger about OS10 for the PlayBook!

We have THeins promising his most loyal Blackberry fans,  saying BB10 will come to the PlayBook...

Then in another interview,  he says that tablets are dying out and that one single mobile device will be dominiin the next 5 years...

THEN word was slipped by @BlackBerry_MEX that the PlayBook will receive the update within the next few weeks and that users should stay alert!! - This tweet was then immediately pulled!

Also,  there was not even a single mutter of the word PlayBook at BlackBerry LIVE!

But!! I have been on an absolute mission today and do you know what?............


After repeatedly tweeting BlackBerryHelp and UKBlackBerry and BlackBerry's Inside Blog, all to NO AVAIL! 

I decided to call up RIM/BlackBerry this morning!!

I asked to be put through to PlayBook customer support,  entered my 12 digit serial number... And then i was put through to a lady who I had to prise out of her the answer!

I said "There's been a lot of speculation about OS10 ON THE PLAYBOOK!! Could you please tell me if this update will be available "

She scooted round my question and said we do not have any details or information about an update for the PlayBook at this time!

So I said "Okay,  but will BlackBerry OS10 come to the PlayBook?"

She 'hmmm'ed' excitedly and said yes OS10 will be available on the PlayBook,  there is something in the works and it is planned!  However, I don't know any other details,  such as the day or period of time "

I had THE biggest grin on my face,  I got this out of her by talking about BBMexico, I think that BlackBerry is aware of what happened!, she certainly was!

But I was amazed to hear that IT REALLY IS COMING TO THE BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO matter what!! I'm going to email Crackberry Kevin right now about this,  so please spread the word!!!! 

Now, we don't take something like this as official word about anything. We just wanted to post it as an example of how much Blackberry PlayBook owners want to see BB10 come to the PlayBook. #hardcore

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