Nope, this is not an entry in the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest... but it is a straight up contender for being named the Official Anthem of CrackBerry Nation!!

The song is called "CrackBerry Love" and it's a hardcore tribute to our beloved BlackBerry smartphone and its addictive powers. Be sure to check out the full press release after the jump for the details pertaining to this latest video by Caitlen Moe, aka C-Moe.

[ Re: Storm Contest. We've announced five BlackBerry Storm winners this week already, so we're going to take Friday off from posting a new one (need to get the "evidence" from our other winners prepped for the blogs)... use today as an opportunity to revisit our first round of winning entries! ]

Press Release


The Talented Pop Singer/Violinist Introduces Alter Ego C-Moe and The Gator Girls On

"Crackberry Love"

No one is safe from that controlling, evil little mobile device that consumes your entire being. It's constantly the focus of your attention while at work, at dinner with friends, even while on a date. Well one day pop singer/violinist, Caitlin Moe, becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of civility and manners of her friends decided it was time to do something about it. Thus alter ego C-Moe and "Crackberry Love" was born.

An instant internet hit, the concept of "Crackberry Love" originated during a late night writing session with Caitlin's producer Heather Holley and two best friends Morgan Johnson & Stevie Uribe. What started out as a parody on "Crackberry" addicts, ended up as a music video just a few weeks later.

Directed by Evan Ferrante, widely popular for his satirical funny videos, "Crackberry Love" pokes fun at America's obsessions with our mobile devices. In the beginning of the video, a cryptic voice warns of the many health dangers of the "Crackberry" addiction and then goes on to flash Hollywood bad girls Paris Hilton, Hillary Duff and Pamela Anderson who are caught red-handed with their "Crackberrys" in hand. With a fabulous cameo appearance by Heatherette designer Richie Rich, C-Moe and The Gator Girls are spotted with a life-sized device as their constant companion. At one point in the video, C-Moe goes to kiss her date and he turns into a "Crackberry"! Realizing this "Crackberry" addiction is getting out of control, C-Moe is caught by the paparazzi as she tries to dash into a "Crackberry" re-hab clinic unnoticed and immediately finds herself on the cover of Us Weekly. Check out to discover how the drama unfolds.....

Quickly becoming a widespread internet phenomenon, "Crackberry Love" will be available on iTunes November 1st, along with the EP of four songs from Caitlin Moe's highly anticipated debut album.

About Caitlin Moe

Talented pop singer/violinist, Caitlin Moe, is quickly becoming the next "It" girl to watch. When not spending long hours in the studio finishing up her debut album, Caitlin is seen performing all over the country. Most recently she opened for The Belvedere Rehearsals at the Bowery Hotel alongside the Brazilian Girls and performed at a packed show at the infamous Bitter End in New York City. In addition, Caitlin was selected as an understudy for the prestigious Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a rock orchestra which brings the best musicians together from across the music spectrum to create one dynamic sound. Be on the lookout for Caitlin's debut album, a classical mix of contemporary pop songs infused with her own unique style.