As it turns out, sometimes people still need to send a fax. Luckily, there's a mobile app out there for BlackBerry 10 called PamFax which lets you handle it without all of the fuss of a bulky machine. Users can pay a subscription fee for an inbound line, or get a bucket of credit for outbound faxes, which can be pulled in from on-device images and documents. 

We met up with Jim Courtney at BlackBerry Live 2013, who had helped roll out PamFax to BlackBerry World, but he also has a history with VoIP going  waaaaaay back. We chat a bit about Skype on BlackBerry 10, and he goes so far as to say that it's the best implementation of a mobile Skype solution to date, even though it's an Android port. Those are some bold words - do you guys agree? 

We've got plenty more CrackBerry Live content to get up, including more interviews and product demos. Oh, and if you're interested in PamFax, you can find it here in BlackBerry World. Be sure to check out Voice on the Web for more from Jim.