If you missed the live stream on Monday night you're in luck. As we got things rolling at BlackBerry Live we fired up the cameras and took to the stage to kick off our CrackBerry Live show. Kevin and I eased into it a bit with a casual chat but it didn't take long to find a few guests to put on the spot. We grabbed up anyone that was willing to talk with us live which, as it turns out, proved to be quite a good bunch. 

We had a chance to chat with some great folks including:

  • Jake Levine is a big fan of CB and attending his first BlackBerry conference, Jake was super excited to be our first guest
  • Donny Haliwell of the Inside BlackBerry Blog talked a bit about Government day and what we can expect to see from the conference
  • Jeff Gadway  is the Sr. Manager BlackBerry Product Marketing and always loves to chat with us. We could talk to him for hours and will certainly bring him back on the show this week.
  • Michael Clewley is the Director Software Product Management at BlackBerry and has answers to plenty of the questions coming from CB members about BB10.
  • Marcus Adolfsson is the CEO of Mobile Nations and designed the awesome CB10 app - what more can we say?
  • LIL E AKA 'Mr. BlackBerry 10' stopped by to rap a bit for the live audience.
  • Ivan Kanner is a mobile device admin / BlackBerry Overlord - he's the one who gave CrackBerry Kevin his name.
  • Jerome Carty of Kisai Labs talked a bit about Blaq for BB10 (we'll have more time with Jerome tomorrow)

Everything went off without a hitch and we had a great show - thanks to everyone that stopped by. 

Also, be sure to check our our podcast from Tuesday night for day one reactions.

Stay tuned because we'll have plenty more to come from BlackBerry Live 2013.