We got to check out some new games from Funkoi at BlackBerry Live 2013 this week, and they're a decidedly different direction than what they currently offer with Alpha Zero.

3 Little Kingdoms launched not too long ago, which is a base defense game where players have to produce and command waves of troops to clash against an opposing side. For all of its 2D graphics, there are some very polished perspective effects with the foreground, plus the strategic elements look solid. A brand new game getting its first look at the show is Eyebert, which takes a tried-and-true runner formula and tosses in some Mario-style platforming and a lot of colorful artwork. 

Now, even with the new games, Funkoi's not leaving Alpha Zero in the dust. They showed us the awesome multitouch space shooter running on the Q10 for the first time, and let us know that they've recently added Bluetooth controller support. Be sure to check out Funkoi's current apps in BlackBerry World. If you haven't tried Alpha Zero yet, it's definitely worth a go.