CrackBerry Podcast LIVE!

Requests for us to do up a LIVE podcast here on CrackBerry have been coming in since.. well.. since we recorded our first podcast back on February 11th, 2008. After three years of fighting it, I'm finally giving in and tomorrow we'll be doing our first live show. It'll be audio only (with a chat room so you can all talk amongst yourselves and ask us questions, tell us to stay on topic, etc.) and you'll be able to find the live podcast right here as the top story on the CrackBerry blogs.

Consider this is a pilot episode, and I'm sure we'll run into some bugs, but if all goes as planned we'll start broadcasting at 2pm EST. If you can't make it for the live recording, we'll of course make the show available as a download later in the day. It's all good.  

It'll be a CrackBerry party tomorrow! And in case you were wondering, it is BYOBB (Bring Your Own BlackBerry)!  Talk to you guys soon...