The first official day of BlackBerry Live 2013 (and our second in Orlando) kicked off with a bang - a big general session ripe with announcements. A new device, new apps, new initiatives, and a reinvigorated attitude from BlackBerry. Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze and Simon run through all of the news while trying to stay on topic, not go obnoxiously long and thereby irritate our insanely patient producer, John Pozadzides.

The BlackBerry Q5, gets lots of attention, but the big news was BBM going cross-platform. We touch on BES 10.1, and give a solid bird's eye view of the show's biggest day and how BlackBerry is evolving. There's still plenty of stuff happening throughout the rest of the week. Tomorrow we'll get more of the CrackBerry crew on the show, including the Two James', Alicia, and DJ. Stick around! This party ain't over yet!