At BlackBerry Live 2013, the Mippin guys were talking up a potential enterprise application generator to follow up on their media-centered product that has already brought some 20,000 apps to BlackBerry World. They're still in talks with BlackBerry about getting this project going, but it would be built on top of BES, so employees could access corporate information that's behind the firewall through an application front-end. This kind of solution would be perfect for companies with plenty of remote workers and heavily-used shared databases, but shy on mobile developers able to create a custom app that handles it all. The BES component would be able to handle deployment of created apps as well, so new updates could be rolled out as needed, or the app could be remotely nuked if the device was lost. 

In any case, the BlackBerry App Generator has done a lot so far for more consumer-facing brands - here's hoping the same tech can be used to enable higher mobility in enterprise as well. Be sure to check out our demo of the BlackBerry App Generator from Jam Asia to see what it's all about, or head on over to to start cooking up your own.