The CrackBerry team was super excited to have our very own CB10 app win Best Built for BlackBerry App in the BlackBerry Developer Community awards this week at BlackBerry Live.

Following up on our sweet, sweet victory, we got Marcus Adolfsson up on the CrackBerry Live stage the next day to talk about the coding the award-winning CB10 app and where it's going from here.

For those who don't know Marcus yet, he's not just the developer behind CB10. He's also the CEO of Mobile Nations. A weekend warrior coder and all around smart guy, CB10 was Marcus' first BlackBerry app. Be sure to check out the video above as we dive into some of the magic behind CB10. You'll want to watch right to the end for what is easily the most epic ending to a CrackBerry video... EVER.

And if you own a BlackBerry 10 phone but don't have CB10 yet, what are you waiting for? Grab it at the link below!

Download CB10 for your BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 today!