PressReader was one of my favorite news apps for BlackBerry 10, and the fine folks that made it managed to find their way to our BlackBerry Live 2013 stage. Igor Smirnoff, their VP of Digital, walked us through the app, and hinted at some pretty exciting stuff that's coming down the pipe. 

PressReader allows users to either subscribe to their massive international catalogue of newspapers, or buy individual issues a la carte. Headlines are tappable, allowing you to dive into a reading view for individual articles, and with a few casual swipes, you can work your way through the issue. The biggest upcoming feature is the expansion of the audio dictation function. Right now it will read stories out loud with minimal fuss, but soon you'll be able to listen to translated stories 

As much as I like to kid that print is dead (even if it sort of is), solutions like this provide traditional outlets a way to go digital in a sensible way without switching wholesale to a web or blog format. From the reader's perspective, I'm a bit more dubious - though the information is all there, complete with optimizations for mobile viewing, I worry that those that those still attached to traditional media are just as keen on the good ol' feeling of paper and ink on their fingers as they are on the information printed.