One company we bumped into at BlackBerry Live 2013 was Hookflash. Using their OpenPeer SDK, they've managed to get video chat working between BlackBerry 10 and iOS in relatively little time.

Given it's still in a rough beta state, and we've seen video chat solutions on BlackBerry 10 before, what's really cool here is that the wholething is open-source. This opens the doors wide open to developers that have their own machinations in mind. For example, oen feature they see as coming down the line with their client is the ability to record video chats. As is, it's pretty cool to have another video chat option between iOS and BlackBerry 10, and no doubt it will be looking much better once it exits beta. 

Developers, if you're interested in cooking something up with OpenPeer, you can find more info on Hookflash's landing page. If you want to catch more interviews as they happen, be sure to swing by CrackBerry Live around tomorrow afternoon.