At another one of our BlackBerry Live 2013 interviews, I had the chance to talk with Sean Paul Taylor, R&D machine for gaming at BlackBerry. We had caught up at GDC earlier this year when they were chatting up Bluetooth controller support, and that's still very much a part of their message to game developers here in Orlando.

This go-around, they were demonstrating the Moga Pro controller working with the Z10. With all of the comfort of a console-style controller, you can play BB10 games with renewed precision, more screen real estate, and with HDMI out, you can enjoy these on the big screen. The important thing to note here is that HID support has been in BlackBerry 10 all along, but hasn't really been promoted. With any luck, BlackBerry Jam Americas will be an opportunity to spread the word.

After that, we talked with the Magmic guys and got the first demo of their hugely popular Texas Hold'em game using NFC to get players at the same table - just tap your phones together and ante up. 

All in all, it's a good time to be a gamer and packing a BlackBerry. Keep your eyes peeled on CrackBerry Live for more interviews later on today!