CrackBerry Launcher

** Update: Note, right now the App World version and CrackBerry version are the same builds, which feature the trimmed down links (no downloads or app store) that App World required. We'll soon get back up the updated CB version into the CB App store that will have all of the links. Thx for the patience! **

This is exciting! Our CrackBerry Launcher application, built for us by Fabian Heuwieser (thanks Fabian!), has been updated to version 1.93 and is now available in BlackBerry App World! The CB Launcher app places a shortcut on your BlackBerry homescreen, which when clicked on opens a simple app that allows you to jump to specific areas of the mobile site. 

A few changes had to be made to get the CB Launcher app into App World, like removing our CrackBerry App Store and Downloads links, but it's still super cool to see it make it in there - be sure to give it a download and a nice 5 star rating and positive review and I'm sure we'll see it introduce to a new audience of BlackBerry users who may not be as familar with CrackBerry Nation. The updated version also includes updates to keep things current, including links to our new BlackBerry 6, Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G forums.

Now that we've seen the CB Launcher hit App World, we have two goals left to tackle: get this baby featured on the App World featured apps carousel (let's make it happen RIM!) and build out a more fully-featured and integrated application for getting CrackBerry on your BlackBerry. You'll want to stay tuned for that!

  • Download CrackBerry Launcher App from App World >>
  • Download CrackBerry Launcher App from CrackBerry App Store >>

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