If you follow @crackberrykevin on twitter, you'll know I spent the morning stirring the iPhone pot in typical CrackBerry fashion. I happen to be in Miami at the moment, so I hit up the busy Lincoln Road Apple Store to take in the iPhone launch craziness and join in on the action (I'm not sure on exact numbers, but would say it was probably 500+ people waiting). If you remember correct, I was also here during the launch of the new iPad last year and helped our sister site iMore.com cover that event.

I was sure to spread the word that BBM is coming to iOS throughout the line, snapped a photo of a tv reporter covering the event from her BlackBerry, and then went on a mission to get my hands on the hard to get GOLD iPhone 5s. Apparently Apple either massively underestimated the demand for the gold iPhone, or is intentionally limiting its supply, but either way around the world this phone is currently hard to get. At this location there were only THREE gold iPhones to be had. Given that I was around 2/3 of the way back in the line, I did the only thing I could think of doing... shortly before the doors opened at 8am I ran up to the guy in the front of the line and offered to buy his gold iPhone 5s off him once he went inside and bought it. He took the deal (still cheaper than a P'9981, and apparently a good deal since right after I bought it another person offered him twice as much... but I already had it and walked away). 

For more in-depth talk on the event, be sure to hit up the video above. Rene Ritchie and I are going to talk about the morning. In a lot of ways it feels like Apple ticked off their fan base this morning. There was tons of iPhone 5cs in stock, but everybody in line seemed to want the 5s. And of those people, it seemed like a lot wanted the gold one, which was not available. We'll talk about that and more. And stay tuned.... I unboxed the iPhone 5 last year naked.... I'll cook up something later today to top that. :)

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