With the press in attendance mainly shacked out at BlackBerry World 2012, we didn't see too much reporting coming out of the BlackBerry 10 Jam this week.

That said, I did drop by the event on Thursday to help judge the App Circus competition. Props go to B-Giftee, Cooklet (available now for PlayBook) and Training with Messi for taking home the big prizes.

We're going to have more BlackBerry 10 Jam stories hitting the blogs, but overall the event really was a great success. Over the course of the week I did talk to a lot of BlackBerry Jam attendees, and was pleasantly surprised by how HAPPY they all were. Between an awesome keynote presentation, getting BlackBerry 10 Alpha devices and getting really good and usable developer tools, I've never seen such a happy group of BlackBerry developers before. Awesome stuff.

Be sure to watch the video above for my verbal take on things. Props to our friend Ewan at Mobile Industry Review for manning the camera. 

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