Engadget Mobile Podcast

Winding down what was an absolutely an insanely busy week (seriously, I bet I gave almost as many interviews last week as RIM's new CEO did), I jumped on the Engadget Mobile Podcast with Myriam, Brad and Sean to talk BlackBerry. The Engadget Mobile crew was upfront about their disagreement and disappointment with most of the actions RIM has been taking as of late, so I knew what I was walking into. Heck, lots of CrackBerry readers warned me in advance to get ready for an ambush. Lol.

What followed was a GREAT discussion on BlackBerry. We covered a LOT of material on this show. Mistakes made, current challenges, strengths and opportunities ahead. It was good times and by the time the show wound down I think we even made a BlackBerry champion out of Sean (yay!).

Working on getting this blog post prepped for CrackBerry, I noticed some reader comments on Engadget's post that looked like the podcast went over pretty well, including "This is probably the most thought-provoking podcast I've ever listened to" and "Kevin was insightful and well spoken. RIM really should hire him." So if you haven't listened yet, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. I think this is one you'll want to hear. And be sure to sound off in the comments with your feedback.  Enjoy the show!!

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