CES is always crazy and the 2013 show has been no exception. We have a pretty big Mobile Nations crew out here this year, so between morning meetings, running around during the day and evening events, I've barely had a chance to slow down for a moment and write.

Though BlackBerry does not have a show floor presence at CES this year, there definitely are quite a few BlackBerry people in town. Yesterday morning I sat down with Marty Mallick and Alec Saunders to talk about the app story leading into BlackBerry 10. I also chatted with Richard Piasantin, the Managing Director for BlackBerry in the USA. And in the evening I received an unexpected surprise when BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins dropped by our Mobile Nations meetup party to say hello!

Hit the video above for a quick video update on that. We also hit up the QNX Bentley today and will have another videos showing that off soon. I'll also be reporting back tomorrow with another update... announcing some pretty awesome CrackBerry news. Things are going to get CRAZY around here leading into the BlackBerry 10 launch. Enjoy the update, and stay tuned!