CrackBerry Idol App Review Round
Dieter, Georgia and Craig.. our own Randy, Paula and Simon of sorts!

If you tuned into the CrackBerry Idol audition videos we ran on the blogs here (check out parts I, II, III, IV and V) you already know the competition is heating up big time. We have a lot of talented individuals entered into the competition, each coming at the challenge with a unique perspective and a lot of passion. It's stil anybody's game. 

Now that you have all seen the audition videos and know the competitors, it's time to move onto Round 1 of CrackBerry Idol - the BlackBerry App review.  Each contestant has prepared a fullout review of their app or game of choice, complete with video, screen caps/photos and write up. We have 24 reviews (Finza had to drop out of the competition - so not 25) in the queue and we'll be posting 2 each day (taking Sundays off) until we've run them all on the blogs. We did a random draw for the order of post appearance (kind of crazy, but first up for the app review was also the first app for the audition posting order). Our CrackBerry Idol judges will give their feedback on each review in the first comment to each post, and the community can follow up with their thoughts.

Once all of the BlackBerry App Reviews have been run on the blogs, we'll do a recap post accompanied with the community voting, so you can cast your vote for who you'd like to see advance into the next round. 10 contestants will move onto Round 2. Keep it locked to CrackBerry for more Idol fun. This is gonna rock!

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