Shankeith's cakes 

Awhile back Kevin said that birthday cakes are the determining factor in a smartphones' popularity. Here we are a couple years later and the popularity is as strong as ever. I must say there are some pretty talented, gifted, and devoted people out there as seen in the BlackBerry Cake Roundup Part I and Part II.

Continuing this tradition is none other than our very own CB Idol contestant Shankeith who decided for his birthday last month to create a cake in the spitting image of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. Working with pre-release photos and his own BlackBerry Bold 9000, Shankeith and the folks over at Mellycakes in Toronto worked hard to create what you see pictured. The end result is amazing. I am absolutely blown away by the attention to detail especially with the BBM screen and the keyboard. Just try and look at it without doing a double take. Happy Birthday Shankeith!

Do you have a BlackBerry confectionery masterpiece to share? Grab a camera and send us the picture at editorial (at)

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Still more cake


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