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It's time folks! Over the last three weeks you've witnessed a whopping twenty four in-depth BlackBerry app reviews from our twenty four Round 1 competitors in CrackBerry Idol. The judges gave their feedback on each review and now it is in YOUR HANDS to decide which ten competitors will continue on in the competition to Round 2. Below you will find the links to each of the app reviews, as well as the CrackBerry Idol voting poll where you can vote for which competitors (up to a max of ten) you want to see advance. We'll leave the poll running on this post right up until midnight PST, this Sunday July 18th. Once it's pushed off the homepage, you'll be able to get back to it easily by visiting crackberry.com/idol (and we'll run a reminder post on the weekend). Voting is below. Think hard before you vote. Now go vote!

GOOD LUCK to all of the competitors. Unfortunately 14 of you will be going home after this one, but I personally just want to congratulate each and every one of you for producing some top notch content and giving it your all - you're all better than Bla1ze and Adam in my book (ouchhh... they're gonna hate me for saying that one. lol. they can take it though - thick skin is job requirement for being part of CB). We'll announce the ten Round 2 competitors here on Monday and we'll follow up with everybody else with some parting gifts.

CrackBerry Idol Round 1 Voting

You can vote for up to TEN contestants to move on to Round 2 (you can vote for less than ten if you like too). Vote for your favorite CrackBerry Idol contestant. In the end there will be only one CrackBerry Idol winner, so be smart and vote for the person(s) you'd like to see here regularly on the blogs.

Round 1 BlackBerry App Reviews


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