the CrackBerry Idol Judging Panel
l to r: Dieter, Georgia and Craig. Our own Randy, Paula and Simon of sorts...

Let's get ready to Rumbbbble Revvview!!! CrackBerry Idol is now in full swing and we've hit that part of the competition where CrackBerry Idol posts will be hitting the blogs pretty much daily (if you're not sure what it's all about click here for the full CB Idol overview). Our preliminary round resulted in a total of 52 video auditions being submitted which the judging panel narrowed down to 25 contestants to move onto the competition rounds (thanks to ShopCrackBerry and SmrtGuard for hooking up the contestants who didn't move on with some parting gifts). 

Who's on the CrackBerry Idol Judging panel you ask? Well, we gave this some thought and came up with our own cracked up versions of Simon, Paula and Randy:

  • Craig Johnston (simon): Craig's accent is South African instead of British, but his straight to the point no sugar-coating demeanor will have the contestants on their toes
  • Georgia (paula): Georgia comes to us from our sibling site, where she's famous for her reviews of iPhone accessories and apps.
  • Dieter Bohn (randy): knowledgeable, friendly and always pimp'n a funky watch, Smartphone Experts' Editor in Chief Dieter Bohn will put his years of experience to use in critiquing the idol entries each round

As for Adam, Bla1ze and myself (Kevin), you can think of me as the Ryan Seacrest of the show (but taller and better looking) and Adam and Bla1ze as the coaches, who will be working with the contestants in each round of the competition to help make their entries each week be the best they can be.

CrackBerry Idol Outline of Events

Here's how things are going to go over the weeks ahead as we work towards finding out who the winner of CrackBerry Idol 2010 will be....

  • Week 1 (this week) - Audition Videos: each day this week we'll run a blog post containing five of the audition videos from the 25 contestants who have moved onto Round 1 of the competition.
  • Weeks 2 and 3 - Round 1 (app reviews): The 25 contestants have already picked which BlackBerry app they are reviewing and are hard at working getting them done. Starting next Monday we'll run 2-3 of the app reviews here on the blogs. The first comment of each post will be reserved for our judging panel to provide feedback. Once all of the reviews have hit the blogs, the community will vote for the 10 contestants who will move onto Round 2... the case review
  • Rounds 2 and 3: Round 2 will have ten contestants reviewing BlackBerry cases and Round 3 will have 5 contestants reviewing bigger BlackBerry accessories.
  • Final Round - In the final round we'll have the last three contestants duking it out with BlackBerry device reviews before the community can vote for their CrackBerry Idol 2010 champion.
That's it! Stay tuned for more... next up we'll be introducing you to the contestants via their CrackBerry Idol audition videos! 

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