Three. More. Sleeps. Then I'll be waking up in my hotel room in New York City and heading over to the BlackBerry 10 launch event with Adam and Bla1ze.

But as of right now we're still in Toronto, hard at work in CrackBerry HQ. If you think it's partying and having fun, think again. We have managed to turn on the CrackBerry Live cam for a few nights to hang out Big Brother style, but when those cameras haven't been rolling we've been heads down working. We skipped the hangout tonight, but we do have this forum thread hangout going instead, and I did take a short break to record the video above - it'll give you a sneak peek into our CB HQ. 

There's a lot of prep to be done for both BlackBerry 10 and our upcoming CrackBerry re-design launch. Heck, it's 11pm as I'm typing this and we still have another three or four hours of work ahead of us before we pack in for some shut eye. We're not the only ones prepping for BlackBerry 10 of course. I can only imagine the craziness that's going on with all the folks at BlackBerry getting ready for Wednesday's big event. I'm sure there's a million last minute details to take care of. We wish them all the best of luck.

The next week is going to literally be the BIGGEST WEEK in the history of BlackBerry. EVER. BlackBerry 10 will be unveiled. BlackBerry has a lot riding on it. Heck, they have everything riding on it. But it's clear they're leaving nothing on the table. There isn't one launch event happening. There are six launch events taking place, all at once. There are fan events taking place around the world. And the weekend is going to end with a $4 million commercial running at the Super Bowl. Freak'n. Awesome.

As for the CrackBerry team, we've got you covered. The next couple of days will be the slow build up. We still have some awesome entries from our What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? Contest to run on the site. Adam has two more 10 weeks of BlackBerry 10 posts coming your way too. We encourage you to hit up our BlackBerry 10 forums. That's the pulse of the community right now. Our forum community is where the action is at.

Then come Wednesday I think you're going to find all heck will be break loose. Seriously. You should just plan on calling in sick and hanging out on CrackBerry. It's a day in BlackBerry history you'll want to be part of. There should be a live stream of the launch event, but we'll be live blogging as well and tossing up posts throughout the day. We're hoping for some big announcements and surprises at the launch in addition to seeing BlackBerry 10 get unveiled.

As I mentioned, Adam, Chris and myself will be at the NYC event. Simon Sage, Chris Umiastowski and Zach Gilbert wlil be at the Toronto event. And we'll have James Richardson and D.J. Reyes reporting back from the launch event in London. It's going to be EPIC.

On that note, I'm going to end this one. There's work to be done. Check out the video, and get ready for the week ahead!