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It's that time of year again, and the holdays are rapidly approaching. We have plenty of Holiday Gift Guides so you know just what to get the BlackBerry lover on your gift list, and in this round we've put together a list of accessories and apps for the BlackBerry business user. These items are sure to make his/her work days a little bit easier and more productive. Check out the all the top gifts we've compiled here and check another user off your list!



It may be a stereotype, but when you think of BlackBerry business users, you think of holsters. Yes, most BlackBerry devices come with a holster, but after all those hours of use, holsters can wear out a bit. So head on over to the accessory store and check out all the high quality holsters, especially if the business user purchased a Torch 9800, which didn't come with a holster.

Shop Holsters at

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets are a great way to stay connected to your family, friends, or business contacts. You can easily answer all of your phone calls, anywhere. Most areas now also have laws about talking while driving, and handsfree is a must. Head on over to the store and check out all the great bluetooth headsets. I personally recommend the Jawbone Icon, it has never failed me.

Shop Bluetooth Headsets at
Check out the Jawbone Icon


Most BlackBerrys have good-great battery life. But for some of you abusers, you need more. Whether it be a purchase of an extra battery, or an extended battery, your sure to help the business user make his day a bit easier. I would recommend a BlackBerry Battery Life Bundle which includes a battery, external battery charger, and micro-usb travel charger, all for 1 low price.

Shop all batteries at
BlackBerry Battery Life Bundle for the Bold 9000, 9700, and 9780
BlackBerry Battery Life Bundle for the Bold 9650, 8900, Tour, and Storm devices


The Superbundles are one of my favorite item in the accessory store. It gives you a little of everything. They include a skin case, car & wall charger, screen protector, and for some devices, a charging pod. These bundles are not only great for the business users, but for any BlackBerry user or abuser. You can check out the Superbundles at, and they are available for a variety of devices.

Shop Superbundles at



In my opinion, Xobni is a must have application for any BlackBerry user, but especially the business user. The application is essentially a super address book. It scans all of the emails in all of your email inboxes, and compiles a master list of everyone. It also connects with social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to bring in more contact details, including avatars. It is one of my most used applications, and a CrackBerry writer favorite. Xobni is also on sale for the holidays for $1.99 while supplies last. It normally sells for $9.99.

Purchase Xobni at the CrackBerry App Store


Tether, if you haven't heard of it, is an application that lets you tether your BlackBerry's data plan to your computer. It has a one time fee and will use your carrier's allotment of data, without needing an expensive data package from your provider. A great tool for those business people on the go, who may need to access the internet at anytime on their personal computer.

Purchase Tether at the CrackBerry App Store


Pageonce Personal Assistant

The business user most likely has a hectic life, with a lot to keep track of. Pageonce Personal Assistant is an app that can make their life a bit easier. With Pageonce you can check your bank account, track your flights, view all upcoming bills (even add them to your calendar), monitor your credit card transactions, view your billing statements, and even revew your investment portfolio. It is quite the little persoanl assistant, I would dare to even call this app super.

Purchase Pageonce Premium at BlackBerry App World
Try the free version of Pageonce


Being a business user sometimes means needing a little extra security. EveryLock gives you the option to lock individual applications. After selecting which apps (3rd party or native) that you would like to lock, you will be prompted with a screen requesting your predetermined password when trying to access the app. A very good way to keep that important information safe.

Purchase EveryLock at the CrackBerry App Store

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