CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide

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Trying to figure out what to get your favorite boss for the Holiday's but having a hard time figuring out what to get for the person who has everything? We have all been there, and while many people tend to spoil themselves in various areas, their cellular needs are often left un-met whether it be due to time restrictions, or just not knowing what is out there. As you know by now we here at CrackBerry love to help you out, so let's hit the break together and take a look at some ideas of what to get your boss for their BlackBerry needs.


Depending on how close you and your boss are, a new device may or may not be out of the question. Working in smaller companies, and having access to the wireless accounts and knowing when lines have upgrades can certainly work in your favor. So, say your boss has an upgrade, and you are willing to drop a few bucks to get him the new device he needs, which one should it be?

BB 7 Devices

Well, the obvious business choice looks like the BlackBerry Bold 9900, but should your boss be limited just because that is the obvious choice? No, they shouldnt! How about picking them up a shiny new BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860? Let their personal life blend a bit with their business life, let them be able to use it to watch media on the large screen, and live outside of their email inbox, they will thank you.

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Maybe a new device isn't an option because they recently just upgraded to a new BlackBerry 7 device, well how about picking up one of those discounted BlackBerry PlayBooks? For only $199 you can land a 16GB PlayBook at a majority of retailers for the time being, so if you are thinking they may enjoy one, it's best to jump on the deal now!

Bluetooth Accessories

Bluetooth Headset

Motorola Oasis
Ever try to reply to an email while talking on the phone, and do some other tasks around the office? Mission impossible if you don't have some type of hands-free system this task can be quite a pain, but luckily there are a ton of options for users to alleviate this issue. Whether you want to cut the cords completely and go with a bluetooth option, or you are ok with a cord you can save some cash and still free both of their hands. Check out the various options and decide which is best for them!
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Bluetooth Keyboard

Nluetooth Keyboard
BlackBerry devices are generally known for their amazing keyboards, but that doesn't mean that we want to spend all day typing on them. Having a full size keyboard to use for typing out long winded emails, or to capture meeting notes would certainly come in handy for many bosses, but most of them don't know that it really exists. With several portable options ranging in price and size there is sure to be an option your boss will love.
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Cases, Car Kits, and Memory Cards

BlackBerry Holster

BlackBerry Holster

Odds are that your boss generally lives with his BlackBerry in their hands, but for those off times that they actually place it down they probably want it somewhere safe. What better place to put the device than on their hip for quick and easy access to it for answering that phone call, or cranking out that important email? The BlackBerry Holsters not only provide a safe place for the device, but also gives a clean, stylish and professional look. 

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Car Kits

Car Kit
Ever see someone stumble around when they get in their car looking for a place to safely place their cell phone? Let's not let your boss be one of them, ok? With various styles, some that attach to the windshield, others that plug in through the cigarette lighter, there is sure to be an option that appeals to just about anyone. Keep your boss safe, get him a place to hold his phone when in the car, would you?
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Memory Cards

Memory Card

Most of the time people end up keeping the small memory cards that come with the devices because they never think of getting a new one, but this is an easy gift that is sure to please them. No one wants to have to delete an old picture to take a new one, or have to skip adding some of their favorite songs because they ran out of space, right? So why not grab a new memory card with some additional storage so your favorite boss can capture all their favorite memories without needing to delete an old one! 

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ToDoMatrix Professional Task Management

ToDoMatrix at BlackBerry App World
Keeping up to date on your current task list can be quite a task in and of itself, often times we have tasks all over the place, and trying to complete them all daily can put a toll on anyone. ToDoMatrix is a comprehensive task management application for BlackBerry that allows users to add new tasks, create categories and task folders and way more all while on the go. Without needing to type anything additional users can add those tasks right into their calendars, or an email with just a few simple clicks. Sure, it may set you back around $60 but with desktop support for adding and completing tasks, and the ability to have it all in one place, your boss is sure to appreciate the organization.
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You don't want your boss to wake up and start the morning off with some annoying buzz in their ear, do you? Well, fear not because Wakeful is a great talking alarm that can be customized to help them start their day with information that they wish to hear. Wakeful will speak the current weather conditions, give stock information, and even let you know current local news depending on your location. Gone are the days of the overly annoying buzzers, and here are the days of soothing voices giving you the information you crave every morning.
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Ever been sitting in a meeting with that lovely red light blinking in your face, and you wish you knew if it was an important text message, or another spam email without having to pick up your phone to check? BeBuzz is the simple one stop application that allows you to take nearly full control of your devices LED, allowing you to set custom colors for various contacts, and message type so you are never in that situation again. You can set emails from one person to be a different color, or emails on a specific email address on the device to be different, and you can make it so that all you need to do is look at the color of the blink and you will know what is waiting for you on the device.
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ProOnGo Expense

Heading out on the go for some business travel, and don't really want to be stuck trying to sort through all your paper receipts upon your return to file expense reports? ProOnGo Expense will quickly become your best friend during travels as it does most of the work for you, and stores the information right on your device for quick and easy access. Simply snap a shot of the receipt, the application pulls the total, the merchant name and the date, and create an expense report for you. This application can also be used in a group setting, allowing you to monitor employees expenses while they are out and about, as well as monitoring their time via the call log of the device. The application will sync with Quickbooks or allow you to export the information to Excel, XML or CSV allowing it to easily be viewed on the computer.
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Just about everyone loves money, right? Keeping track of your own money is one thing, but keeping up with the industry around you is a whole other ball game. CNNMoney is a well respected outlet of information when it comes to stock info, business news and other financial aspects, so who wouldn't want to have that with them while on the go. Allowing you to keep up with your favorite stocks in real time, check out any breaking news in the financial industry and more all from your BlackBerry is very important to busy folks who can't stop to keep up. How can you go wrong with a nice free application to keep you in the know?
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CRACKBERRY: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse

CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse"This unique book covers the phenomenon of "BlackBerry Addiction" offering true life accounts of BlackBerry mishaps and unbelievable stories. The book also offers a comprehensive 12 Step Plan for "Recovery" for BlackBerry Users and Abusers." Plus, our fearless leader, Kevin Michaluk shares an author credit on the book, so you know it's true.

BlackBerry: The Inside Story of Research In Motion 

BlackBerry: The Inside Story of Research In Motion Want to know who Mike Lazardis and Jim Balsillie are? How did Research In Motion start as a company. Want to know the story of how they were almost bought out by a manufacturing company? All of that and more are in this great book by Rod McQueen.

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As the days grow colder and the nights become longer, we gather together amongst our friends and loved ones. It is a time of great happiness. A time when we celebrate the love and companionship we've received over the year, and a time to reflect upon the good times yet to come. It is the time of the year when we exchange gifts; a way for us to express gratitude towards one another for the simple pleasure of being a part of our lives. Though our gifts may be large or small, expensive or a bargain, they are but a token. A token of the joys of years past, a token of adventures to come. No matter the gift, I am certain it will be enjoyed. For it is but a symbol of the love, appreciation, and kindness we feel toward each other. And no gift, no matter how grandiose, can hope to equal even a small fraction of that.

Here's wishing you and yours a safe and happy Holiday Season, from all of us at

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