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Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Ah, the holidays, that joyous time of year where we strive to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. Sometimes, we moms get forgotten in the hectic shopping rush and end up with last minute gifts like a toaster or a waffle iron. When buying for dear old mom, we forget that she is more than a housekeeper, taxi service, day care provider, accountant, nurse and counselor. As an extremely busy mother of 3, I rely HEAVILY on my BlackBerry devices on a daily basis for just about everything (seriously, a day without one of my BlackBerry Smartphones is like a day in purgatory for me). I figure there are plenty of other BlackBerry moms like me out there that would absolutely love some cool apps or accessories for their devices this Christmas. Keep reading after the break for some great gift ideas for that wonderful mom in your life.


Holiday BlackBerry
There is no greater joy than opening a box to find something fabulously shiny inside. While yes, we do love pricey jewelry, how often do we actually get to WEAR it? Instead, some of us would actually prefer a brand new device that makes our job as a Super Mom easier. With some of the great BlackBerry devices that have just been released, there is sure to be one to fit each mom's personality.

BlackBerry Bold 9930I personally loved my BlackBerry Style 9670 (it is a great phone people, sheesh!) until I recently tried the BlackBerry Bold 9930. This phone is AMAZING! The wonderful keyboard makes entering schedule changes into the calendar quick and easy while the responsive touchscreen allows us to quickly locate and scroll through all those great pictures of our little brats angels while sitting in the beauty salon.

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BlackBerry Torch 9860How about picking up a shiny new BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860? With this full touchscreen device, mom can use it to watch media on the large screen while waiting at soccer practice. Or you can pair it with a handy car mount and mom gets a new phone that allows her to be hands free while driving and a GPS!

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BlackBerry PlayBookIf your mom already has one of the new BlackBerry 7 devices, you can take her gadget love one step further by picking up one of those discounted BlackBerry PlayBooks! For only $199, you can land a 16GB PlayBook at a majority of retailers for a limited time. If you are thinking your BlackBerry mom might enjoy one, it's best to jump on the deal now! 



Cases - iskin Aura
Moms juggle a purse, keys, sippy cups and more; so make sure her beloved device is well protected. While some women out there prefer a naked BlackBerry, I ALWAYS purchase a case first before even getting my new device. I actually had a case with me when I went to pick up my Bold 9930. With so many choices in styles and colors, you can find one that suits your mom perfectly!
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Car Kits

iGrip car mount
Moms are in the car a lot between dropping off/picking up children at school, sporting activities, dance classes, grocery stores, daycare, the office, mall trips for the teenage daughter and her friends (these are the WORST, trust me!). Why not find a great car kit that allows mom to have her device at the ready for navigation purposes or rescheduling appointments when running late?
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Memory Card

Memory Cards
Most of the time people end up keeping the small memory cards that come with the devices because they never think of getting a new one, but this is an easy gift that is sure to please. No one wants to have to delete an old picture to take a new one, or have to skip adding some of their favorite songs because they ran out of space, right? So why not grab a new memory card with some additional storage so your favorite mom can capture all their favorite memories without needing to delete an old one!
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Hands-free Headset

With the amount of time most mom's spend on the go, a hands-free headset is a must! With my Bluetooth headset, I can easily drive to my destination, switch the laundry over, reply to an email on my PlayBook or laptop, change a diaper and prepare dinner all without ever actually holding my phone in my hand. All moms should have a hands free device whether it's a Bluetooth model or the corded option.
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I am all about multi-tasking applications. I got rid of my day planner, note pad, address book, check register and more with all these fantastic applications that make my life so much easier. You're sure to find one or two that would be great for your mom so head on over to BlackBerry App World and load up her device!


Keep track of your family's schedule, those honey-do lists and grocery shopping all within one app. Cozi allows the entire family to stay on top of who has to be where with the color coded calendar. Setup multiple shopping lists for events or stores and even manage that list of tasks that just have to get done ASAP. What makes this app even better is the fact that it's available across different platforms as well as a web version that can be accessed from your pc/mac and it's completely FREE! 
More information / download Cozi

Key Ring Reward Cards 

Key Ring
Free up mom's keys from those always-annoying key tag reward cards. Now she can have all her loyalty cards, membership numbers and more in one handy app. As an added bonus, certain retailers have electronic coupons available within the app, no printing needed. This app is also FREE which is always music to your mother's ear!
More information / download Key Ring Reward Cards

Mobile Checkbook

Mobile Checkbook
I refuse to own a device that can't use this app. The days of carrying around a checkbook register to keep track of your finances is now a thing of the past. With Mobile Checkbook, I know my actual bank balance with just a click of a button. Mobile Checkbook supports multiple currencies and has no limit on the number of accounts you create. You can schedule reoccurring transactions and transfers as well as a cloud based backup/restore option. The app even has a PIN code option to keep others from accessing your financial information. 
More information / purchase Mobile Checkbook


Another must-have app for moms is Poynt. With this app, mom can find the cheapest gas, what time a movie is playing, the closest playground and more. Poynt also shows offers with select retailers and dining establishments nearby.
More information / download Poynt

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As the days grow colder and the nights become longer, we gather together amongst our friends and loved ones. It is a time of great happiness. A time when we celebrate the love and companionship we've received over the year, and a time to reflect upon the good times yet to come. It is the time of the year when we exchange gifts; a way for us to express gratitude towards one another for the simple pleasure of being a part of our lives. Though our gifts may be large or small, expensive or a bargain, they are but a token. A token of the joys of years past, a token of adventures to come. No matter the gift, I am certain it will be enjoyed. For it is but a symbol of the love, appreciation, and kindness we feel toward each other. And no gift, no matter how grandiose, can hope to equal even a small fraction of that.

From all of us here at CrackBerry, may your stockings be filled with gadgets galore, your hearts filled with joy from all the gifts you adore and may your BlackBerry passion live on ever more.

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