CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide

It's almost Christmas and if you're like me, you're already shopping for presents whether they are for yourself (hehe) or for someone else. Being that I recently went back to school and have quite a few family members that are still in school, I realized what better presents than accessories & software to help out with school. Here is a list of items I've purchased or will purchase.

Seidio Innocell 1750 mAh Extended Battery - sometimes I have a rough night and go to bed forgetting to charge my blackberry. Usually I get up and have enough time to get ready for school. With the extended battery, I'm covered the whole day. Also, if you head straight to work after school, you're good to go until you get back home.

Seidio Extended Battery

Seidio Innocell 1750mAH OEM Size Battery


Sandisk 8gb/16gb microSD Card - Take a lot of notes? Voice notes? Or listen to tunes on your to and from school? You'll be covered with one of these babies. I have a couple of 8gb cards and one 16gb filled with notes, documents & tunes. The tunes will come in handy while I'm at the gym and need hype music (Rocky anthem.... Adrian!)

SanDisk 16GB SD Card

SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card


Seidio Innocase 360 - Sometimes I snooze off a bit and when that happens, my phone isn't too far away from hitting the ground. This is when the Innocase comes in handy. With the added layer of protection, I'd be more at ease knowing I have the extra layer of protection.

Innocase 360

Seidio Innocase 360 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Samsung SBH Stereo Bluetooth - I recently purchased this so I'd have something in between classes to listen to, during breaks and when I head out to the gym. Another great thing about these headsets is how comfortable they are.

Samsung SBH Headset

Samsung SBH600 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Smartphone Experts Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - if you're in school for a good part of the day or around lunch, you're more than likely eating fast food. Sometimes I may get anxious and respond right after holding that Burger in my hand. The cloth comes in handy to wipe the screen , keyboard and phone down without risking scratching it like a paper towel or rag may do.

Cleaning Cloth

Smartphone Experts Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Docs2Go - Ever needed to finish up a document on the go? Or home computer giving you issues? Docs2Go really helped me out a lot. A couple times I've needed to edit a paper to either delete or add something I had forgotten or just thought of.



Documents To Go Premium 2.0


Student Docket - I'm a very forgetful person and would probably lose my head if it weren't attached to my body. This application comes in very handy to write down assignments, view due dates, store professor info, exam reminders and a lot more.

Student Docket

Student Docket


English Dictionary & Thesaurus - I always want to make sure I spell a word right or use it in the right context. With this app, it's only a few clicks away and I can have access to definitions and "like" words using the thesaurus.


English Dictionary and Thesaurus

gWhizPro Bundle - This application is several applications rolled into one. I love math, but when the numbers get above 2 digits, help is always welcomed... this app has graphing calculators, quiz mode to test your knowledge, flashcards and more.

gWhiz Pro

gWhiz Pro Bundle

Texas Hold'em 3 - Yes... I know it's not educational, but can't be all work and no play. This game is very addictive and play it every time I get. Have those rare moments when you get downtime? This will keep you entertained.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em King 3


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