CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide

Accessories and Applications for the Organized Mom and Dad

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the hunt for the perfect practical gift is getting more stressful, and becomes a pain in your side. Well, rest assured, this year we are here to help with some great gift ideas for the Organized Mothers and Fathers. As we all know, there are many BlackBerry users out there who are just at the tip of the iceberg as far as uncovering exactly what it can do, and having all the correct accessories to allow these things to be done, but rest assured, let us do the work for you.

As we all know, the BlackBerry Smartphone continues to grow in popularity, and everyday there are many new users introduced to the BlackBerry world. Do you know someone who became an addict this year? Wondering what the perfect gift for them would be? Let's take some time to go over a few practical, yet interesting accessories for these devices that organized mothers and fathers will get some great use out of.

Charging Dock

BlackBerry Charging Dock

Ever put your BlackBerry down on your desk, and it seems to quickly disappear under a mess of papers, and you spend a few frantic minutes trying to locate it? The BlackBerry Charging Dock is a perfect option for someone looking to keep their desk neat, as well as keep the battery on their BlackBerry charged. The docks allow for full use of the BlackBerry while docked, as it will continue to show the screen, make and receive phone calls and play music all while continuing to ensure your battery is being charged. Often times these are silver in color, providing a very sleek look, which compliments nearly any desk setting. The dock is very small, and users your USB sync cable providing ease of transport where ever your travels may land you. This dock is available for you just about any BlackBerry you may be using currently at 

Bluetooth Headset


Always on the go, and can't always find an extra hand to answer the ringing phone that in your purse or pocket? A Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset would certainly come in handy for many users. The Prime is the latest in the Jawbone collection, which takes their sleek and stylish look and puts it into a unit with an even smaller form factor then the previous models. This headset offers users a great talk time on each charge, nearly 5 hours, and an even better standby time, of more than 8 days! The Prime is very lightweight and comes with 6 different ear fittings, so you are sure to find one that is comfortable to you. With the technology used in the headset, the background noise is next to non-existent, and the call quality is superb. The Prime is available in a variety of colors which helps set it apart from the competition, because there is nearly a color for everyone in the mix here! Check out some more technical information on the technology behind the headset, and pick one up for yourself here. 

Memory Card

SanDisk Micro SD

Many parents enjoy taking on the go pictures of their children or events taking place, and it's not always convenient to carry around a digital camera everywhere you go now. As we have all seen, cameras on the BlackBerry devices continue to improve in quality, and can often times be used in place of some point and shoot cameras. The SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC with Mobile Mate Card Micro Reader would be a great thing to have for a parent who is using their BlackBerry on the go for many reasons. With this kit you get not only the media card, but also the USB connection for your computer, which is small enough to carry on the go at all times. This will add to the convenience factor, as you are now able to plug into just about anywhere with your card and print or save the photos and videos to a computer. The media card will come in handy for all those parents who love to capture memories on the go, and don't always have a hand available to pull out a camera or camcorder. To add this media card to your BlackBerry Smartphone, check out this link.



Tired of having to carry around your wallet just to carry your ID and bank card, and wish you could have somewhere safe and secure to place it while on the go? If this is the case, this product is sure to thrill you! PhoneSlipper now has some BlackBerry Cases that not only provide protection for your device, but also have a safe slot in the back to store items like your ID and bank cards. The case, which provides a rugged rubbery type feeling, still maintains a sleek profile and is not large and clunky. This means it can still be carried in a bag, or slipped in and out of a pocket with ease, even while loaded with your bank cards. To check out some more information and pick your PhoneSlipper up, head over here.

Learning Book

Made Simple Book

So you finally took the plunge this year, and picked up a BlackBerry Smartphone this year for yourself, and now you are wondering, what else can I do with this amazing device? With a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to sit down and play with all the features, or to read the forums to discover new things. Made Simple Learning has a whole series of both books and DVD's for a wide variety of different models that will be sure to help you learn tons of new things about your device. The advantage to this is, you are able to learn self paced, and on the go wherever you are. Whether you learn better by seeing, or just by simply reading the information, Made Simple Learning has got you covered to take your device knowledge to the next level. This is sure to help ensure you are getting the most out of your BlackBerry, and utilize all the great features the phone is meant to have, and hopefully simplify your life at the same time. Check out all the books and DVD's for the various BlackBerry models here.

Personal Assistant Premium by PageOnce


With the way technology continues to improve our daily life, people rely on paper tracking methods less and less every day. Wouldn't it be great to be able to see all your accounts, view your balances, manage your wireless account and see what videos Netflix has shipped to you all from one application on your BlackBerry? Pageonce has developed a very intricate application that combines all this into one very secure application that allows access on the go to all these accounts and way more. From within the application you are able to add your credit cards, bank accounts, Netflix accounts, email accounts and way more, and have full visibility right from within the application. You may be wondering, how secure is all the information you have put in the application? Well, Personal Assistant uses 128 bit SSL encryption and is insured by a top 10 A+ rated insurance carrier, which means all your information is very secure once entered in the application. In addition to this great security, the application also has the ability to be locked by a user defined password, and if you worry about your device being lost or stolen with all y our information, they offer a remote wipe ability from their online website. To read some more, and purchase this great all in one application, point your mouse here.

HoneyDew by VersatileMonkey


Still keeping track of your shopping list on a pad that's stuck to your fridge, and realizing that often times you forget to take it when you leave to go shopping, or you didn't update it with the most recent items needed? VersatileMonkey has created a great solution for couples that are both BlackBerry users called HoneyDew. This great application allows for 2 way sync between two BlackBerry's so the lists are available on the go, and can be updated by either end, and the other will receive a notification that the list has been updated, and exactly what was updated. This application helps ensure that you are both on the same page, and the ability to update on either end, and receive the updates on the go truly helps keep everyone neat and organized. To check out more information about this application and get your copy, check here.

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