Holiday Gift Guide

[ Our Holiday Gift Guides hope to get you going in the right direction when shopping for your BlackBerry family and friends this holiday season. This list comes courtesy of our forum moderators JeffH and chrisy520. They compiled a great list of items that no BlackBerry Traveler should be without.  There is a great variety of accessories and apps that should fill out your gift list just right. ]

Accessories and Apps for the BlackBerry Traveler

Use your BlackBerry as a speakerphone and as a high definition speaker to play your favorite music. The Motorola EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker's slim and compact size makes it perfect at the beach or while relaxing in a bath. Delivering high-definition stereo sound, this unit features a rechargeable battery (charger included), and utilizes Bluetooth technology so you can stream soft new age music via Slacker Radio and turn that noisy Motel 6 room into a peaceful sanctuary.

 Motorolad EQ5  Slacker Radio
 Motorola EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker   Slacker Radio

Whether you drive for business or pleasure the BlackBerry Car Mount provides travelers a hands-free option to safely view Garmin Mobile GPS directions, make calls and listen to Emails and SMS read aloud in real time courtesy of Drive The sturdy vehicle mount attaches to your windshield or dashboard, with a flexible positionable arm. This mount allows access to all the buttons on the keyboard, side convenience keys and charging port. The mount is compact and lightweight, so your visibility is maintained. Keep aware of the weather, where you are and where you're going, with BellShare's BerryWeather. Wondering if the downpour that's snarling traffic is going to stop? GPS capability and live radar maps mean you can get the local weather on the way and make real-time adjustments to your travel plans. BerryWeather works with OS versions from 4.2 to 5.0, so everybody can use it.

 iGrip Car Mount  BerryWeather
 BlackBerry Car Mounts  BerryWeather

For those with an adventurous spirit check out Dry Pak Waterproof Floating Cases. Don't let the call of the wild stop you from getting the call of the wife! This case offers protection for your BlackBerry in and around water, sand and dirt while allowing a view of the screen. Used with BerryBuzz, you can easily see what type of message you've received by the color of the LED. The pouch floats so you can recover your BlackBerry quickly if it falls out of your kayak on a class III rapid!


 Dry Pak Waterproof Floating Cases

With RIM packing more memory and faster processors into smaller and smaller devices, battery life inevitably gets squeezed too. A spare battery and an external charger can keep you going. Plus, the BlackBerry Mini External Battery Charger doubles as a handy carrying case for the spare battery. Just be sure to take along a travel charger or USB to microUSB cable too. The external charger does not include a cable or power supply.

 Mini Battery Charger  Spare Battery
 BlackBerry Mini External Battery Charger  Spare Batteries

Keep all your essential cables, travel chargers, and spare batteries together in one place. Never forget that must-have USB to microUSB cable again! The E-Sling Medium Vertical Notebook Messenger Bag carries all that plus has room for a small notebook. It's a quick "go-bag" that you can toss in your carry-on to keep you organized on your way. Need to use that notebook while traveling? One of the coolest features of a BlackBerry is tethering: the ability to use the devices as modems to access the Internet pretty much anywhere you have coverage.. TetherBerry allows you to tether your BlackBerry using your data plan. It's the perfect complement to that small notebook or netbook and lets you use it at the airport, on the subway or train, and in hotel rooms with no wifi access.

 USB to MicroUSB  Messenger Bag
 USB to microUSB Adapter
 E-Sling Medium Vertical Notebook Messenger Bag

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