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We've made it to December and you what means -- holiday season, the time for giving. Of course, this is also a time where things can get hectic while you prepare things and try to think of the best gift to get friends and family members. We like to help make life a bit easier with our CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guides. This time around we're looking at gifts for the traveller in your life. Travelling can always be quite stressful but with the right accessories and gear, you can make their trip a little more relaxing and enjoyable with. Continue reading to see our full list of gifts for the BlackBerry traveller!  

Gifts for the BlackBerry Traveler


BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

Our very own Simon attested to the BlackBerry PlayBook being a great travel companion, as I'm sure many will agree. With its perfect size, if the traveller in your life doesn't already have one, this is a must. Plenty of outlets have the BlackBerry PlayBook available at great prices already. Be sure to put this on the list for that traveller in your life.


Skooba Cable Stable

Skooba Cable Stable

Many people will carry a few devices with them while travelling, these devices will also need charging, so that means chargers and cables will need to be packed too. Packing those can get messy sometimes, so why not get an accessory that can neatly pack all your chargers and cables? Enter the Skooba Cable Stable. It is a neat little pack that will neatly store all your cables compartmentally. The Skooba Cable Stable comes in a variety of sizes depending on how much you want to store inside it. Whichever size you get, the Skooba Cable Stable is always going to be a very useful travel companion.

The Mu Folding Plug

Mu Folding PlugIf you live in the U.K., or even travelled to the U.K. you'll know that the three prong plug is not very bag friendly. The three prongs don't allow it to fit snugly or nicely into a bag or compartment and you'll always end up with a bulge. For fix this problem you should get the Mu Folding Plug.  The Mu Folding Plug is a USB plug that conveniently folds in the three prongs to make a nice flat package so you can neatly fit into your bag, or indeed a Skooba Cable Stable compartment. 

Extra Battery Charger Bundle

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9930, Bold 9900, Bold 9790, Curve 9380, Torch 9850, Torch 9860

While travelling, there won't always be a chance to plug in and charge up, so spare batteries will always be a godsend. For that reason, you should pick up an extra battery/charger bundle. You won't be sorry you packed that extra battery, especially on long trips. And when you have the Skooba Cable Stable in tow, they can be packed away nice and neatly. Means you'll always have some juice, especially in an emergency.

Browse all Extra Battery Charger Bundles

Charge Kits

Seidio Charging VaultAs well as carrying a spare battery, you could also add a charging kit to your travelling arsenal. When there's no wall plug around, at least you can juice up while on the move, making sure you'll still be able to communicate with love ones to let them know you'll be home soon. The Seidio Charging Vault is a good option with two USB ports. However, there are others available.

Buy the Seidio Charging Vault at ShopCrackBerry Browse all mobile charging kits

Car Chargers

BlackBerry Premium Car Charger

Not all travellers will fly, or use public transport. There will be some that will take to the road. For them, there will be other types of accessories needed. For one, a car charger. While are there many car chargers to choose from, one that I recommend is the BlackBerry Premium USB car charger. It comes with an extra USB slot so that you can charge more than one device at a time. It comes with its own micro-USB attachment but there is also a USB slot to use your own USB cable and charge a second device.

Buy the BlackBerry Premium USB Car Charger at ShopCrackBerry Browse all Car Chargers at ShopCrackBerry

Car Mounts

iStabilizer Glass Car MountAgain, for the road traveller. You'll be needing something to hold your device, so car mounts will always come in handy. For the pure fact that some will own a few devices, it would be best to get a universal car mount. So, why not get the iStabilizer Glass Car Mount. This universal mount is adjustable for use with many different devices and can be mounted to the windscreen or dashboard. Great if you also use your BlackBerry smartphone as a Sat Nav. We have a few different models in the ShopCrackBerry store, so you can be sure you find one that fits.

Buy The iStabilizer Glass Car Mount at ShopCrackBerry Browse All Car Mounts at ShopCrackBerry

Headsets, Headphones & Earphones

RHA CA-200

RHA CA-200

While travelling, you'll no doubt want to listen to music or even watch a movie. So as not to disturb others you're going to want to carry around some audio gear. A recent brand I've come across is RHA (Reid Heath Audio). Their gear is easy on the pocket while at the same time perform as well as brands with a higher price range. The RHA CA-200 is a pair of wired headphones, they are comfortable to wear and give you awesome sounds to let you enjoy your music or movies while sitting on the plane or train or other mode or transport.

Motorola MOTOROKR S305

Motorola MOTOROKR S305For those who prefer to go wireless, I a big fan of the Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Headset. Sound quality is good and they are very lightweight. The Motorola MOTOROKR S305's also double up as a headset. So, those times you need both hands to carry around your luggage and gear you can still talk hands-free. This is a headset I used often while travelling and do recommend them.

Buy The Motorola MOTOROKR S305 at ShopCrackBerry Browse All Bluetooth Headsets at ShopCrackBerry

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

Plantronics Voyager HD

For those that prefer the more tradional Bluetooth headset that just fits into one ear, then you should take a look at the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD. Most especially those who travel in the car. With its extended boom mic you can be sure that those who are speaking to will hear you loud and clear. Many have attested to their good sound quality and comfortable fit that makes a pair that should go onto one traveller's list.

Buy the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Bluetooth Headset at ShopCrackBerry



SkyscannerThis allows you to search for flights right from your BlackBerry smartphone. With over 1000 airlines in its database, you'll be sure to find a flight at the right price too. If there's more than one of you flying or if you just want to save the search for later, you can share the search results via email or BBM. Definitely an app that needs to be on a BlackBerry travellers device. Even better, the app is free from BlackBerry App World.

Get Skyscanner at BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry Travel

BlackBerry TravelOnce you have booked your flight, the BlackBerry Travel comes in handy. It can scan your email for any flight information and pulls all those details into the app. From there it allows you share those details with anyone who needs to know your travel information, be it for a family member or other workmates or your BBM contacts. The BlackBerry Travel app also allows you to search for hotel deals, rent a car and even search for a limo, if you want to get all fancy.

Get BlackBerry Travel at BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry MapsThere will be times during your travel that you venture into unfamiliar territories. When that time comes you will want an app like BlackBerry Maps. It certainly is an app that as served me well and aided me in navigating to my destination. While BlackBerry Maps usually comes preinstalled with the BlackBerry Operating System, if you find that it is not installed you can download it from the BlackBerry website for free.

Sat Nav apps

BlackBerry TrafficFor a traveller that takes the road, the BlackBerry Maps can be useful but sometimes it is better to have something that gives you turn-by-turn instructions. That's when Sat Nav apps will help out. There's the official BlackBerry Traffic app. What makes this app different to other Sat Nav apps is that the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) actually takes into consideration the traffic conditions, so you get a more accurate time for your arrival. This app is only available in Canada and the U.S. The U.K, South Africa and Israel have do have Sat Nav apps available from Telmap Ltd, so if you're going into those countries by sure to check those apps out. Or just browse other navigation apps at BlackBerry World

Get BlackBerry Traffic at BlackBerry App World Browse Navigation Apps at BlackBerry App World

Blocks of Pyramid Breaker

Blocks of Pyramid BreakerWhile travelling, there will be times you want to kill time. With your PlayBook in tow, you can do just that with Blocks of Pyramid Breaker. The Brick Breaker type game for the PlayBook brings an Egyptian theme making it quite addicting as you move up the levels collecting gems, jewels and crystals while hitting bricks. I have found myself get engrossed in this game quite often and it certainly makes for a great time killer. Many, who have picked up my PlayBook have played the game have gone into their own world while playing this game. True story. For $1.99 it is worth it. Of course, there are many other games out there to chose from, so why not browse BlackBerry App World.

Get Blocks of Pyramid Breaker in BlackBerry App World Browse All Games at BlackBerry App World

Image courtesy of Melanie A. RhoadesAs the days grow colder and the nights become longer, we gather together amongst our friends and loved ones. It is a time of great happiness. A time when we celebrate the love and companionship we've received over the year, and a time to reflect upon the good times yet to come. It is the time of the year when we exchange gifts; a way for us to express gratitude towards one another for the simple pleasure of being a part of our lives. Though our gifts may be large or small, expensive or a bargain, they are but a token. A token of the joys of years past, a token of adventures to come. No matter the gift, I am certain it will be enjoyed. For it is but a symbol of the love, appreciation, and kindness we feel toward each other. And no gift, no matter how grandiose, can hope to equal even a small fraction of that.

Here's wishing you and yours a safe and happy Holiday Season, from all of us at

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