CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide

We're getting ever so close to the holidays now with just a week left. If you haven't already got gifts for family members, we hope that you have getting some helpful tips from our CrackBerry 2012 Holiday Gift Guides. Today, we are looking at gifts for the BlackBerry Mom. Mom's are always tough to shop for, but if she's a BlackBerry user we have you covered! So, continue reading and see if you find anything that would be great for your BlackBerry Mom. 

Gifts for the BlackBerry Mom


BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

I think that every BlackBerry mom should have a BlackBerry PlayBook. Its small size means it's a perfect fit in the handbag, not to mention it being lightweight. A BlackBerry mom has plenty of uses for the PlayBook and like I said every BlackBerry mom should own one.



Powerbag Back Pack

For moms always on the move. For those moms that take their kids to many activities and need to carry gear and such around with them. Why not get them a bag that allows them to do that. Don't settle for any bag though, get the Powerbag. Why? Because as well as being able to stuff things into in, it comes with cables and chargers so you can juice up on the go. There have been times that I'd have to wait a few hours while the kids do their activities and that means I need to keep myself occupied and that's when my gadgets come into play. However, it means that I go through the battery. With a powerbag you can charge up if and when you need to. You don't even need to remember to bring your own cables as the Powerbag comes with a bunch already. Definitely check out the Powerbag for the BlackBerry power mom.

Jawbone JAMBOX

Jawbone JAMBOXThis Bluetooth wireless speaker means you can listen to music wherever you are in your home. Or even outside. Jambone make some pretty good Bluetooth headsets and their speaker doesn't fail in the sound department either. So, if you're mom loves listening to music, this is a great accessory to get them. It even comes with a carry case so she can take it around with her if she wants to.

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Seidio SURFACE Case

Seidio SURFACE Case

Cases. Some people like them, other don't. I tend to use one mainly because I drop mine a lot so I want the protection. At the same time one may want a case to accessorize. Why not have both. Seidio make a handful of cases and is a popular brand. Their SURFACE case is a great case to give protection without adding too much bulk. It is also available to a variety of colors, so you can choose the best one that suits you.

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CookletAs a mom who loves to cook, I love this app. I definitely recommend it as an app for your BlackBerry mom. It's an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook, so if she's got one and hasn't checked it out already, let her know (If she hasn't got a PlayBook, that should go on your list too). The app allows you to search for recipes for your favourite dishes. It is community based so you can also add your own recipes for other to try too. It can even act as a shopping list too. Great for when you find a recipe in which you need to buy the ingredients for.

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BlackBerry Wallet

BlackBerry WalletA great app for storing your store cards. Let's face it those store cards at to your wallet/purse. Minimize the bulk by using the BlackBerry Wallet app instead. If you wanted to, you could also add your credit/debits card in there too. Don't worry you are required to set a password to use the app, then add further login details to even access each credit/debit card you add, so the details will be secure. It is certainly a useful app to have on your BlackBerry smartphone. 

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ZinioFor the moms who like to read magazines. The Zinio app is perfect for that. They can subscribe to all their favourite magazines from within the app and have the latest issue pushed to the app when they are available. With many different categories covered, you'll be sure to find your favourites and perhaps even find new ones.

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Fun games

Pop CornyAt the end of the day, it's great to kick back and relax with a hot cup of tea. Why add a great game while you relax too. There are many games available for BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry PlayBook. Recently, I've been getting into some Pop Corny. It's fun addicting. There's also the recently made free, JetPack Joyride game which provides hours of fun. For, those BlackBerry moms who like strategy games, give Tiny Bang Story a try. You can also browse BlackBerry App World for more games.

Browse games in BlackBerry App World

Image courtesy of Melanie A. RhoadesAs the days grow colder and the nights become longer, we gather together amongst our friends and loved ones. It is a time of great happiness. A time when we celebrate the love and companionship we've received over the year, and a time to reflect upon the good times yet to come. It is the time of the year when we exchange gifts; a way for us to express gratitude towards one another for the simple pleasure of being a part of our lives. Though our gifts may be large or small, expensive or a bargain, they are but a token. A token of the joys of years past, a token of adventures to come. No matter the gift, I am certain it will be enjoyed. For it is but a symbol of the love, appreciation, and kindness we feel toward each other. And no gift, no matter how grandiose, can hope to equal even a small fraction of that.

Here's wishing you and yours a safe and happy Holiday Season, from all of us at

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