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 Vinny talking on his BlackBerry

Following up on a friend's birthday party last night, a group of us went out for breakfast this morning. Impressively enough, and not with me doing any influencing among this group, literally everybody at the table was a BlackBerry user. And Vinny -- pictured above and shown in action in the video below -- is what I'd call a CrackBerry Addict. Or at least a BlackBerry user with a seriously bad habit. Vinny had his headset plugged in the whole time we were eating, which I assumed at first was for listening to music and he just forgot to take them off. But nope, Vinny actually takes phone calls via the wired headset and he takes a lot of them. It was pretty funny/alarming. He had his phone set to silent, so nobody at the table would actually a hear a phone ring, but he'd answer the call and start talking to the person with none of us realizing it. Every time he started talking, we never to knew if it was to us, or to somebody on the other end of the line.

Overall I found this pretty interesting (and a little annoying!) to witness. Personally I don't recall ever actually using the wired headset that ships in the BlackBerry box for making a call (I hold the phone to my ear, use speakerphone or go Bluetooth). Typically the wired headset is an accessory I think most of us CrackBerry writers just put to the side when we get a new BB. But Vinny here uses it religously and swears by it. Which of course made me wonder... is Vinny alone here, or do a lot of BlackBerry users out there actually use the wired headset for calls?

Be sure to vote on the poll above and let us know where you stand talk on this one.  And if you do use the wired headset, at least try and take it out of your ears while out for breakfast with friends. At least I know what I'm giving Vinny for his birthday this year - a copy of CrackBerry: Trues Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse! He needs it!!

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