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Hello. Welcome to and thanks for stopping by. We may not say it often, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t care. If you’re reading this, chances are you have finally checked “get a BlackBerry’ off of your bucket list. Let me guess, you begged and pleaded with your parents to get one? No wait, you cashed in enough brownie points and convinced your significant other that you do need it. Ah, who am I kidding? It doesn’t matter how you got your BlackBerry (unless you stole it), I’m just happy you have one…took you long enough.

I want you to take some time and have a look around The moment you wonder what kind of CrackBerry goodness you can load your BlackBerry up on, come back to this article. Don’t dawdle! Why you ask? This so happens to be the CrackBerry Guide to CrackBerry Apps. You can show off your love for all things BlackBerry AND CrackBerry; stopping short of giving your smartphone a CrackBerry orange colorware treatment. Jeez, how many more times can I say CrackBerry? CrackBerry, CrackBerry, CrackBerr…

CB Podcasts

CB PodCasts 

Once in a while we are forced – I mean – blessed to listen to Kevin, Craig, Adam and Bla1ze (in no particular order), as they discuss the BlackBerry world on the CrackBerry Podcasts. They’re fun, entertaining and if you’re really lucky, you may even learn a thing or two. The CB Podcasts application enables users to download and play the zany antics we love to listen to. CB Podcasts is powered by PodTrapper and will offer features such as; remembering your progress for later playback, keylock capabilities and pausing for playback. CB Podcasts is free.

CrackBerry Themes

What better way to show your CrackBerry love than with a CrackBerry theme. Over the years, I’ve installed a few CrackBerry related themes, the two listed below stood out to me:


CB 2 Theme- As the product description says, it was originally a holiday theme. This theme features 3 hidden docks and smooth transitions. It currently supports OS 4.5 to 5.0. CB2 Theme is free.

CrackBerry Theme

CrackBerry Theme- This theme was a collaboration between WJD Designs, JMal Designs and AHaz Designs. It sports detailed, rotating icons that “orbit” around the CrackBerry logo. Storm users have the added bonus of receiving a hidden bottom dock as well. OS 4.5 to 4.7 are supported. The CrackBerry Theme is free. Launcher

CrackBerry Launcher 

Yearning for a quicker way to access on your mobile browser? We’ve seen a few website launchers over the past couple of years that helped users connect to

One, aptly named CrackBerry Launcher, is a launch pad to forums, the blog, the search option, the UserCP in the forums and their Twitter page. The Forum link offers access to specific forums; allowing you to jump to BlackBerry 6! or BlackBerry News & Rumors for example. Obviously I’m not knocking the CrackBerry Mobile site at all. I’m only saying that those looking for a bit more navigation speed should install this launcher. CrackBerry Launcher is free.

CrackBerry Smash

CrackBerry Smash 

This one isn’t available for all BlackBerry models, but Storm users will get a kick out of this time killing application. Once launched, you control the moving CrackBerry logo by tilting your Storm. The object is to smash into the images of other smartphones strewn across the screen (choice range between the iPhone, Palm Pre and T-Mobile G1). Once you have succeeded in completing a level, you will hear the “” Don Lafontaine sound clip. The app came out over a year ago and is a bit dated; only supporting OS 4.7. It is, however, mindless, destructive fun. If you have a Storm, install CrackBerry Smash and let the CB logo fly! CrackBerry Smash is free.

CrackBerry Button

CrackBerry Button 

This app also hits mindless fun right on the button, get it? The CrackBerry Button is presented in the same style as the Staples ‘Easy Button’, but is a lot more fun to push. Supporting OS 4.3 to 4.7, BlackBerrys with and without a touch screen can mash down on the CrackBerry logo/button to hear podcast sound clips featuring the late, great Don Lafontaine. Now you can spend hours upon hours locked in your room, pretending that you are on the CrackBerry Podcasts as well (weirdo). The CrackBerry Button is free.

CrackBerry WallPaper Changer: Free and Pro

CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer

If you take a look at the wallpaper gallery at, you’ll notice that we cover quite a wide range of categories. From Techy Stuff to Food to NSFW (wink wink); you’ll pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect wallpaper to personalize your BlackBerry. With the Wallpaper changer installed, your BlackBerry will now sport wallpapers directly from the CrackBerry Gallery. The images will rotate automatically at a desired rate (in minutes). The Pro version enables users to save CB Wallpapers to their SD card, as well as include their own images in the rotation. If you want to skip the free version and pick up the Pro version, it’s currently on sale for $2.99.

Viigo CrackBerry Edition

Viigo - CrackBerry Edition 

Ok, you got me, Viigo isn’t a CrackBerry application, but it IS a BlackBerry application. The reason why I included Viigo, is the fact that there is an official CrackBerry edition available. Viigo is a robust one stop shop for access to your news, weather, sports, Twitter, etc. The decision, of what you want have access to, is entirely up to you. You control how much, or how little, information is loaded and you decide the order in which they are shown. Viigo presents your feeds and such crisply and cleanly; making it easy to follow at a glance. You can pick up the CrackBerry edition of Viigo for free.

CrackBerry Superstore

CrackBerry Superstore 

Speaking of CrackBerry branded apps, we can’t forget about the CrackBerry Superstore! Powered by Mobihand, the CrackBerry Superstore mashes the app, game, theme and accessory stores into one mega mobile mart! To make your shopping easier, the Superstore will filter apps and accessories to fit your BlackBerry. You can also check out the Top 50, the deal-of-the-day, automatic updates and more. The CrackBerry Superstore is free.

…CrackBerry, CrackBerry. Cra-oops, sorry. I didn’t even mention the CrackBerry specific wallpapers that have been designed and shared by so many people. I hope, nay, expect more CrackBerry app love from more developers in the future. I also can’t wait to see what type of CrackBerry apps they tackle with OS 6. How to you show (and share) your CrackBerry love? Leave a comment and let us know.

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