Turn your BlackBerry into a virtual caddy with these great apps for Golf!

CrackBerry guide to BlackBerry golf apps

Summer is here and you’ve been itching to get out and golf. Grab your clubs and kiss the family goodbye, it’s time to hit the links. CrackBerry Kevin started golfing again this year after taking a decade off and is now a born again golf junkie (I have it in writing); CrackBerry James is so fanatical about golf he runs a dedicated site to the sport (golfcrunch.com); and our own CrackBerry Obi who you all know well is a golf professional by trade when he's not dropping posts on CB. And me? Well, I used to be king of the mini-putt back in the day (or at least that’s what I told myself). Regardless of the game, I’m a firm believer that BlackBerrys and Golfing go hand in hand. We’ve all seen the company golf tournaments being played; employees making sure the boss wins. Rather than using your BlackBerry to keep in contact with those not on the green, why not use it to help you on the green as well?

What we have here is the CrackBerry guide to golfing with your BlackBerry; where you can find some of the best BlackBerry golfing applications available. Some are designed to keep score; others are designed to help drop your score. So before you tee off, make sure your BlackBerry is ready to challenge your Caddy. Fore!

As with other CrackBerry guides, the golf application list will grow over time, as more must have applications arise in the BlackBerry market.

Single Round Golf Avg Score Calculator 

single round golf avg score calculator

This application simply helps you determine the average round score, as well as the differentials (the actual and the factored). The results are calculated from your handicap and the course/slope rating. The Single Round Golf Avg Score Calculator is available for $0.99.



mScorecard is an easy to use, multitasking gold application. It supports multiplayer stroke and putt tracking, round stats and game history storing. Information such as handicaps and points can all be easily tracked and calculated. mScorecard enables you to use your GPS to view your distance to the green. Sidegames, such as; Stableford, Greenies, Skins and so on, can be played as well. mScorecard is available for $19.95.

Tee Wagers Golf 

Tee Wagers Golf

The Tee Wagers Golf application manages scorecards, players and courses. Also included, is the ability to play games like umbrella, rabbit and skins. For bragging rights and proof to other friends, you can email the result from the application. Tee Wagers Golf is available for $3.99.

Golf Channel Mobile 

Golf Channel Mobile

If you want to keep informed of what’s going on in the world of golf, download the Golf Channel Mobile app. The application is your portal to tips and tricks, blogs/editorials and customizable leaderboards or scores. It’s a fantastic and informative tool that will benefit even newcomers to the game, as it offers details on demand that’s easy to follow. The Golf Channel Mobile Application is free.

Where to Golf 

Where to Golf

Not sure where you and your friends want to golf? Tired of PUTTering around the same scenery? Find new courses to hit with Where To Golf. This application has information on over 22 000 courses found in North America. Search by address or by your own location; you will receive GPS directions to get there. Each entry will give you information on the course and club, including; green and cart rental fees, training facilities, amenities, yardage and par. You can also call from the app and book tee times. Where To Golf will cost you $2.99.

The Rules of Golf 

the Rules of Golf

Cheaters never prosper, especially in golf. It’s best to know the rules of the game. It’s second best to have a reference point if you forget the rules. The Rules of Golf application provides you with the official rules and decisions of golf, approved by the United States Golf Association. If a situation creeps up, it will probably be addressed in this app. If not, you can email the USGA directly from The Rules of Golf in order to find the answer. The Rules of Golf is available for $3.99.

YouCaddy Golf SpeedPutt 


The putt usually makes all of the difference and it’s frustrating if that difference is not in your favour. SpeedPutt is designed to help you prefect your putt, speed up game play and improve your game. After you input the distance, lay your BlackBerry (Storm) on the green. The screen will display an aim line, angle and incline/slope indicators. Now you can tap it in…just taaaap it in… SpeedPutt is available for $9.99 and is only available for BlackBerry Storm users.

The Driving Range 

Driving Range

Practice your swing anywhere and anytime. The Driving Range app swaps out your clubs for your BlackBerry Storm; eliminating broken office windows or monitors. Your Storm helps you achieve the perfect swing, while analyzing the potential distance of the shot based on your speed. Just remember to not let go of your BlackBerry, or the only driving you’ll do is to your carriers store. The Driving Range costs $2.99.



A do it yourself application, BBGPSGolf allows you to map out your own course online and download it into your BlackBerry, or choose from thousands of already loaded and mapped courses. You can choose between using Bing or Google maps. The application helps keeps track of your score, measures the distance of shots, measures distance to the hole and also recommend clubs. Twitter support is included, allowing you to tweet your shots along with the URL to show the shot on Google maps. BBGPSGolf is free.



Mobitee offers multiple features to golfers. First, it measures distance from the tee, to hazards and the distance remaining on the green. Secondly, it advises you which clubs to use and provides information on the course. Third, it acts as a scorecard. Mobitee is available for $29.99.

GreenFinder Golf GPS


GreenFinder offers crisp aerial views of the course in question, with yard markers and crosshairs. Distance to hazards, positioning on the green and other measurements are easily captured (including the distance of your shot). The application includes the option to have your BlackBerry audibly say the distance to the center of the green. You can also look for courses with a 20 mile radius of you and retrieve driving instructions. GreenFinder is available for an annual fee of $35.00.

YouCaddy Golf GPS 

YouCaddy Golf GPS

This application provides various functions, regardless if you are currently on the green or going over your game at home. With the application, you can search through thousands of courses for contact information, strategies, images and conditions. You can also record your score and gameplay every step of the way. Any information you gather and be uploaded to maintain a history and for future review. Users can also benefit from promotions and discounts on fees and more. YouCaddy Golf GPS is available for $34.95.

Swing by Swing

Swing By Swing BlackBerry

This app is a totally free range finder for your BlackBerry. With over 1,000 courses (and more added all the time) and the ability to add your own, this app truly is one of the best. View satellite photos of holes and super accurate distance measurments. Supported on all devices, Swing by Swing is available free from BlackBerry App World.

nRange Golf GPS

nRange Golf GPS

nRange is an easy to use rangefinder for BlackBerry. With automatic access to courses, accurate yardages and overhead views you have it all on one package. Over 16,000 courses are in the huge database, and new courses are added in as little as two days after submission. Currently only available in the US, nRange is a subscription based app but a free trial is available.



This full-featured app is free and packs a load of features. Get distances of hazards and layups, track your game and choose from over 25,000 courses already mapped. You can even sync your games to golflogix.com and see your overall performace. Available for most devices, GolfLogix is truly a great app for the avid golfer. Available free from golflogix.com.


There you have it. A bunch of great third party apps that help turn your BlackBerry into a virtual caddy. And don't forget, your BlackBerry has native applications that will help you improve your golf game. Get your golfing buddy to use your BB's video camera to capture your swing. Take a photo of that crazy rough you had to hit out of and make a note so you'll remember what club you used for next time. When your swing feels good, bust out the voice recorder immediately so you can track those swing thoughts. Put that BlackBerry to work and watch your game improve.

So now, the only thing your BlackBerry won't be able to do for you is drive the golf cart... at least for now. :)

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