The very first CrackBerry GooseChase wrapped up Sunday night, and after review of all the submissions and some complicated computations, we have determined the winners, which you can check out below! BIG congrats to everyone taking home a prize (we'll be following up soon via email) and HUGE PROPS to everyone that entered and did such an amazing job. The quality and creativity of the photos was inspiring - it's so great to see SO MUCH LOVE out there for BlackBerry. 

You can check out some of the best submissions in the video above, or on the CrackBerry GooseChase Flikr acount. Descriptions of all the missions are after the break which will put the photos into perspective.

The GooseChase team sends a big thank you to everyone that participated. The level of effort and creativity was mind-boggling and we all had a lot of fun throughout the week. They also want you all to know they appreciate your patience while the bugs and kinks were worked out. Unexpected issues are one of the many fun things with products in their early stages, so your patience while they got a few fixes in was much appreciated. If you've enjoyed GooseChase throughout the week, remember GooseChase if your company is doing a team building event! Instead having to skip work to compete, you can get paid to play. Visit for more info.

Congrats again to all the winners and participants. This was simply an awesome community building event. 

CrackBerry GooseChase Winners:

First Place - Winner of a brand new BlackBerry 7 smartphone and $150 in accessories from

Score: 46600

Second Place - Winner of $100 in accessories from

Score: 45300

Runners up - Winners of $50 in accessories from

magickal - Score: 42400
mombassaridge - Score: 36900
kidnic3 - Score: 36400

Crack Team awards - Winners of $50 in accessories from

albaajy - E for Effort Award
you-sir-name - Best Interpretation of Missions Award
delirious_d - Best Effort Under Extenuating Circumstances Award

If anyone would like GooseChase to send their pictures, you can send an email at Please include your Username, Email, whether GooseChase can use some of the pictures for a photo slideshow on our site and a good quote about the event they can use for branding/marketing (optional).

CrackBerry GooseChase Mission ReCap

Here's a recap of all the Missions people were accomplishing and snapping photos of with their BlackBerry:

  • Torchfinder: Snap a picture of someone holding a BlackBerry torch with a big smile.
  • Group Effect: Get 20 or more people holding their BlackBerries up in the air at once and take a picture.
  • Mission Brown: Find a UPS employee who proudly owns a BlackBerry. Grab a photo of him in parcel-delivery action.
  • Precious Jewels: Find someone with a diamond ring who owns a BlackBerry pearl. Snap a shot of them together.
  • Human Writing: Spell out BlackBerry on the ground with people as the letters.
  • Poem Comment: Write a poem extolling the virtues of Jim Balsillie and post as a comment on a CrackBerry article. Take a picture of your screen as proof.
  • Smartphone Tic-Tac-Toe: Play a game of tic-tac-toe with BlackBerries as the "X"s and iPhones as the "O"s. X's must win.
  • Facebook Page: Create a Facebook page for this contest and get at least 100 likes.
  • Viral Mania: Create a music video. Upload it to YouTube and get at least 1000 views.
  • Friends in High Places: Get a shout out for your team on Twitter from someone with over a million followers. Must include the hashtag #crackberrygc
  • Natural Salesmen: Go to a cell phone store and help in the sale of at least 1 BlackBerry. Put the salesman's email address in the notes for verification.
  • Nice Shirt!: Take a picture of yourself wearing a "RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK" t-shirt.
  • Quick Trim: Convince a stranger to wax or shave the BlackBerry logo into their chest or back hair. Color in the newly trimmed area.
  • Flash Mob: Orchestrate a flash mob to Rebecca Black’s Friday. Must be done on any day but Friday. At least 10 people must participate.
  • Radio Voice: Get on the radio with a local DJ. Picture must be taken in the DJ Booth while he endorses you.
  • Blackout: Rep BlackBerry by getting an entire room full of people (at least 20) with black shirts.
  • RaWR?: Put a tasteful hat on a cat or dog, and photograph their confused stare.
  • Country Pride: Wear your home country's flag as a cape and get a pic of yourself in the superman pose.
  • Rolodex: Collect business cards from at least 10 different companies and snap a photo.
  • Sunrise: Grab a beautiful shot of the glowing sunrise, wherever you are in the world.
  • Addicted: Grab a shot of yourself engaged in your favorite sport while messaging on BBM.
  • Stickies Everywhere: Cover a wall in at least 50 sticky notes to make the BlackBerry logo.
  • 11:11: Grab a shot of someone's BlackBerry showing the time as 11:11.
  • QR Code Hunt: Snap a picture of a QR code that is BlackBerry related.
  • PlayBook Advertising: Snap a pic of a BlackBerry PlayBook ad. Internet ads are not allowed.
  • Kevin Impressions: Create your best CrackBerry Kevin impersonation. Upload it to YouTube and get at least 500 views.
  • This Just In: Find a PlayBook in a retail setting (Walmart, Staples, etc.)  Snap a picture of you updating the OS
  • Here for Dinner: Set a place for your BlackBerry at the dinner table.  Include plates, silverware, the BlackBerry, etc. and snap a pic
  • Mash Up: Create and upload a CrackBerry video mash-up (with dance beats) and get at least 500 views; use CrackBerry YouTube videos for content.
  • Stack up: Collect as many BB's as you can. Stack them and take a pic. Must be at least 5 high.
  • Puppy Love: Snap a pic of a dog "holding" a BlackBerry
  • Crazy Cat Lady: Snap a pic of a BlackBerry-toting woman with at least three cats.
  • ThunderStorm: Grab a shot of a person using a BlackBerry Storm to take a picture of an actual thunderstorm
  • Dilbert: Photograph a BlackBerry in it's own cubicle.  At least 2 personal effects must be present (e.g. a picture of the BlackBerry's family)
  • On the Case: Capture an image of a BlackBerry and its case or holster in a courtroom (must be clearly identifiable as a BlackBerry)
  • Bromance: Take a picture of two guys using the same BlackBerry.
  • Long Day at Work: Take a picture of your BlackBerry preparing for a romantic bubble bath
  • Skinny dipping: Photograph your BlackBerry under water (protective case highly recommended).
  • Professional Grade: Snap a photo of someone using a BlackBerry PlayBook to make a presentation
  • Blazing Saddles: Grab a pic of someone using their BlackBerry Torch as a torch (flashlight) to light the way
  • Time Traveler: Visit a renaissance fair; take a picture of yourself and a performer who is amazed at your "magical talking box"
  • Take a Ride with Me: Photograph a person with their BlackBerry riding a roller coaster (take the pic before the coaster is moving)
  • I'm on a Boat: Photograph your BlackBerry in a boat out on open water
  • I'll Be Back: Snap a photo of a BlackBerry left unattended at the mall
  • Left Turn at Albuquerque: Take a pic of someone using their BlackBerry as a GPS navigator
  • Berry O'Government: Take a pic of you, your BlackBerry, and a federal Congressman or Member of Parliament
  • Time Traveler II: Snap a photo of someone using an unreleased BlackBerry device in the wild
  • Army of One: Snap a photo of a miltary serviceman/woman in full dress uniform (aka Class A), using a BlackBerry
  • General Specific: Capture an image of two or more Generals in full uniform, using their BlackBerry smartphones
  • Bookends: Snap a pic of someone using their BlackBerry in a library or bookstore
  • A Head in the Polls: Get a shot of you with your BlackBerry and a Head of State (Queen, King, President, Prime Minister, etc.)
  • iNvasion: Visit an Apple iStore, visit the CrackBerry website on as many device as you can at the same time; take a picture of the carnage
  • Top Off: Photograph your BlackBerry charging in an unusual place (a bar, restaurant, etc.)
  • Ghost Dudes: Grab one of the 'ghost hunting' apps for BlackBerry.  Film your investigation, post to YouTube and get at least 1000 views.
  • All the World's a stage: Film and act out a scene from a Shakespeare play. Only BlackBerry’s can be used for the dialogue. Get at least 1000 views on YouTube.
  • 2B or not 2B: Take a picture of your BlackBerry next to apartment, building, or room 2B
  • Pep Rally: Grab 10 friends and paint the 10 letters of BLACKBERRY on them like fans at a football game. Snap a pic.
  • Like a Baby: Take a picture of someone who has fallen asleep, BlackBerry in-hand
  • Sound of Music: Take a picture of your BlackBerry blasting music from a moutaintop
  • Rescue 911: Find a first responder (Police, Fire, Medic) and photograph them holding their BlackBerry, in uniform, in a heroic pose.
  • BBM Me Up: Photograph at least 6 BlackBerry smartphones, all engaged in the same BBM group chat at the same time
  • Ringtones: Take a picture of you and your BlackBerry next to a large bell (could be a church bell, the Liberty Bell, Big Ben, etc.)
  • Back to School: Take a picture of an entire classroom proudly holding up their BlackBerry's; non-Blackberry owners should rest their heads quietly in shame.
  • Mugshots: Your BlackBerry has been arrested.  Take mug shots of your 'Berry; include prisoner number and suspected crime
  • Playtime: Photograph at least two BlackBerry smartphones playing at a Child's playground/playset
  • What Bwings us Togewer Twoday: Attend the wedding of two BlackBerry smartphones; Bride and Groom should be appropriately attired; take picturees
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Snap a photo of your BlackBerry on a working TV or movie set
  • Come Fly With Me: Get a picture of a BlackBerry in the pilot's seat of a real (not toy) airplane, helicopter, or other flying contraption - ready for takeoff!
  • High Commander: Snap a pic of at least 5 people bowing down on their knees to an individual with a BlackBerry.
  • High Stakes: Take a picture of you trying to bet your BlackBerry at a casino during a roulette game (don't actually bet your BlackBerry).
  • Dance Party: Snap a shot of you dancing in a crowded train station with your BlackBerry as the boombox
  • J Baller!: Get a photo of you and RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie holding up his BlackBerry smartphone or Playbook with on the screen.
  • Pull a Lazzy: Get a photo of you and RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis holding up his BlackBerry smartphone or Playbook with on the screen.
  • Cookie Monster: Bake cookies and decorate them to show your love for CrackBerry/BlackBerry
  • Swagalicious: Show us your self-portrait in a BlackBerry or CrackBerry shirt or hat
  • I Saw the Sign: Change the letters on a marquee or LED sign to say I Love BlackBerry or similar
  • Hair Raising: Shave the CB or BB logo into your hair.
  • Zookeeper: Take your BlackBerry on a trip to the zoo. Snap a picture of your BB near a wild animal!
  • CBK: Get a picture of CrackBerry Kevin autographing something for you
  • Clowning Around: Post a video of someone successfully juggling 3 BlackBerrys. Upload it to YouTube and get at least 500 views. Must be under an account with the same name as your GooseChase username.
  • Old School: Take a picture of a still functioning BlackBerry 71xx or older
  • 1st to BlackBerry 7: Take a picture of you holding a new BlackBerry 7 Smartphone (Torch 9810, Torch 9850/9860, Bold 9900/9930)
  • Please Sign Here: Get 100 emails & signatures for a petition to ban iPhones at work. Snap pic with emails readable.
  • Steve Jobbin': Dress your BlackBerry in a black turtleneck and jeans and snap a shot.
  • BlackBerry Band: Take a picture of at least 3 BlackBerry's as if they are in a band. At least 5 groupies must be in the photo.
  • The CrackBerry: Take a picture of a BlackBerry surrounded by lines of white powder.
  • It's Just Math!: Mathematically prove that BlackBerry is the superior phone and take a pic of your proof.
  • Parkour: Show off your newfangled parkour skills by jumping over an object in style.
  • Please Mom?: Take a turn on a coin operated children's ride! Have someone snap a pic of you mid-ride with your BB.
  • Safety First: Snap a pic of you with your BlackBerry while wearing at least 3 items of personal protective equipment.
  • Dental Delight: Take a picture your BlackBerry completing a dental checkup on another BlackBerry. Mask and gloves must be included.
  • Follow the Leader: Start a game of follow the leader on the street. At least 5 strangers must join. Take a pic of everyone mid-dance move as proof.
  • Full of Air: Attach at least 10 fully-filled balloons to your BlackBerry. We are not responsible for lost BlackBerry's if you use helium!
  • Murder Mystery: Take a picture of a non-BlackBerry phone outlined in chalk on the ground, with your BlackBerry fleeing the scene.
  • Yellow Fever: Collect 5 different mustard packets (e.g. from different restaurants) and take a pic of your BlackBerry with them.
  • LatteBerry: Photo your BlackBerry next to a fresh latte, complete with latte art.
  • Great Friends: Snap a pic of your BlackBerry ensconced in a sea of actual blackberries (the fruit).
  • BK Lounge: Take a picture with a Burger King employee wearing a crown and holding their BlackBerry.
  • Let Me Test That Out!: Take a picture of you testing out a new mattress at a big box store. The rest of the store must be visible in the pic.
  • Public Service: Snap a pic of your BlackBerry and you sitting in the driver's seat of a public service vehicle (Police Car, Firetruck, etc.).
  • Stowaway: Airfare is expensive these days. Save a bit of money and hide in a suitcase with your BlackBerry.
  • Fountain Fishing: Why go to a lake when that fountain is right there? Take a pic of you fishing in a public fountain.
  • Is that Your Hog?: Convince a stranger to give you and your BlackBerry a ride on their motorcycle.
  • Nice Putter: Use your BlackBerry as a putter on the golf course or mini-putt course.
  • Downward Berry: Hit up a yoga class and strike a pose with your BlackBerry. At least 3 other actual yoga participants must be in the shot.
  • Mmmm Lobster: Find a live lobster and take a picture of you kissing it. Do it!
  • Twice is Nice: Find and photograph identical twins holding up their BlackBerry's. The resemblance must be obvious to receive points.
  • Take a Dip: Find a body of water. Have someone take a picture of you jumping in while fully clothed.
  • The Wise Ow: Planking is so last year. Get out there and owl in a public place, clenching your BlackBerry with your teeth.
  • Street Granny: You're a selfless person. Help a elderly person cross the street, while they hold your BB.
  • Crackalicious: Give a shoutout to @crackberry on Twitter and let them know your (unbiased) thoughts on this contest!
  • Team Pride: Photo yourself and as many other fans as you can wearing your favorite sports team's clothing.
  • 3D in Reality: Wear 3D glasses to a grocery store and try to buy your own BlackBerry at the checkout.
  • A Fun Favor: Show your love for the Goose - like us on Facebook and write a wall post with a creative mission idea. Thankya!
  • Diversity Seeker: Find three people of different ethnicities. Snap a photo of them simultaneously using one BlackBerry.
  • Big Stranger Rodeo: Surprise! Get a piggyback ride from an unsuspecting stranger in a red shirt.
  • Local Promo: Hold up a creative sign promoting a local business outside their store, while dancing to tunes from your BB.
  • It's a Race!: Find someone who owns a non-BB phone. Engage in a 100m footrace with them, while holding their phone.
  • CEO Caricature: Draw your best caricature of Jim and Mike with their BBs! Great chance to win a "best photo" prize...
  • Blue Steel: Zoolander was all the rage 10 years ago. Take a shot of your best blue steel impression.
  • Pac Attack: Recreate a scene from the classic game Pacman, with your BlackBerry as the Pacman himself!
  • Stop Motion Pro: Create a stop motion video featuring your BlackBerry. Upload it to Youtube, at least 15s. Link must be visible in the pic or in the notes.
  • Time of Day: Tape your BlackBerry to your wrist as if it's a watch. Photo yourself giving a stranger the time.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: It's all about balance if your life. Convince a stranger to perform a yoga move with you in a fast food joint.
  • I Luv U: Write a hand-written love letter, sent from a forlorn iPhone to it's lifelong obsession, the BlackBerry.
  • Cart Madness: Photo a stranger pushing you in a shopping cart, while you talk on your BB. Must be in a grocery store produce section.
  • Around the World: Photo your BlackBerry reading a newspaper from another country.