CrackBerry Goes to Vegas for CES2010

The Consumer Electronics Show is pretty much the biggest gadget show of the year and it goes down this week in Las Vegas. Per usual when it comes to live conferences that involve BlackBerry Smartphones, CrackBerry will be bringing back tons of coverage. Adam and Bla1ze are staying home for this one, so they'll be on top of the press releases as soon as they hit the wire, while I'll be roaming the show floors to get the hands-on look at everything and will report back to the blogs with lots of photos and vids. As for the stuff going down between blog posts, you'll want to follow @crackberry and @crackberrykevin on twitter. I'll be firing up lots of photos via twitpic.

Our CrackBerry Twitter Twelpers @obigeorge and @michaelwpg are also making the trip to Vegas as are our forums moderators @kasperapd and @garz76. Click there names to visit their twitter pages and follow them. I'm sure there'll be a lot of interesting tweets going on there (especially the ones late at night).

So what can we expect for BlackBerry at CES 2010?

I don't want to make any prediction predictions, but hopefully before this week comes to an end we'll have a new officially-announced BlackBerry to talk about, some cool new accessories to drool over and some new apps to download. On the device front, I think it's about time the new BlackBerry Pearl get announced. It's not a revolutionary device, but it's a needed one and CES 2010 makes a good place to unveil it. It's almost surprising that we haven't seen all that much of it just yet. On the accessory front, though it's not made by RIM, my fingers are crossed I'll get to put on that inPulse SmartWatch for BlackBerry Smartphones to see how it feels, and I'm sure we'll see lots of third party developers make app announcements this week. And I'm sure there'll be a surprise or two we didn't expect at all. It should be a great start to the BlackBerry new year, so stay tuned!!