queen eleizabeth blackberry Happy Canada day.

With the Princess Diana concert in full swing. Well, with the English National Ballet sandwiched between Nellie Furtado and Fergie its an odd swing. And you know if Diana were still alive she would be the most famous BlackBerry user in the world.

But news comes today that Queen Elizabeth will soon be a CrackBerry addict too. How’s that for a segue?

According to Hello! Magazine the 81-year old monarch is allegedly going to join the rest of the royals in getting one of the devices. Apparently, Prince Andrew is quite the CrackBerry addict and has convinced the rest of the family to get linked up. I imagine the Princes Harry and William already have them, although I have yet to see evidence of the them using them during the big concert.

Last week, I reported how the French government is worried about the Americans spying on its confidential Berry messages only to have RIM say that was impossible because all messages are encrypted. I am taking bets on how long it takes a British tabloid to figure how to break that code and publish Prince William’s messages to Kate Middleton. I am betting about two weeks.

The Queen is actually quite the techno junkie having already learned the intricacies of e-mail and obtained an iPod, on which presumably she listens to Elgar, Handel and Snoop Dogg.