USB Charger
So I'm eating my healthy chunky soup meal of champions in the office on my lunch hour, reading an old issue of Popular Science (Yes, I'm a Geek) when I stumbled upon something cool that caught my eye. You can actually build your own USB device charger for less than $15. Better yet, how about it be in a snazzy looking Altoids Gum Tin package.

That’s right, over at The Original Electroids Co, you can pick up your very own Altoids Tin can USB charging kit, which can be used to charge any USB device using your regular inexpensive 9Volt battery. Popular Science claims a single 9Volt has the ability to charge most devices two or three times.

There is a guide on Instructables on how to make your own at home, although I admit it’s not as sleek as an Atloids Can. Great gadget to have on you if your CrackBerry battery is ever running low, and you have some important calls to make.

Stay tuned, I'm going to build my own USB Charger.

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