CrackBerry Forums Upgraded!

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OK, We DID it! The CrackBerry Forums have successfully been upgraded and are back online. We have a list of tweaks to make and small bugs to fix throughout the day, but you can already jump over and start putting them to use. 

We have more upgrades planned for our mobile forums experience (mobile website and apps), but this update introduces a lot of awesome changes to the full blown desktop experience. In addition to the forum software upgrade (which introduces many little enhancements), we've also introduced a new cleaner and less cluttered look to the forums, which makes them friendlier to browse and participate in. You can click on over to our Feedback and Bug Reporting thread for a more detailed overview of what's new. Once the upgrade dust settles, I'll follow up here again with an indepth overview and walk through of everything that's new.

As for who won the waiting room contest while the forums we're offline for the upgrade.... here are the ten lucky winners who will each win $50 in BlackBerry accessories from!


Congrats to the winners of the forum upgrade contest and thanks again for the patience while the forums we're down. I know the timing was tight to the PlayBook 2.1 update... the forums have been hustling and bustling and this got in the way for a few hours. But we have an aggressive roadmap we're working on and we *had* to get it done.

So that's it. Put the forums to use. Be sure to give us your feedback and report any bugs on the thread at the link below. Enjoy!

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